When it comes to luxury pontoon boats, Harris has a lock on what they’re doing. They didn’t name it the Crowne by accident. Let’s take a look at some of what makes this boat stand out. 

What Is it?

Harris makes some really high end pontoons and the Crowne SL 270 is one of their most luxurious offerings. If you want a boat that exudes opulence and comfort, this is it. People who want the finest, and that means in every detail, would be more than happy with this model. No corners are cut here, no cheap materials or poor design elements will be found anywhere. It outperforms most other boats in its class and can tear up the surface of any lake or coastal waters, especially if you opt for the twin engine package which essentially gives you a pontoon powerboat.  If you like the best and want to treat friends and family to it as well, then the Harris Crowne SL 270 has you covered. Just remember, they’re making you pay for it, too. 

With triple pontoons and upgradeable twin 450 hp Mercury engines, seating for 14 and all the finest features for cruising and partying, what you have here is a high-powered penthouse suite on the water. 

Key Features

The Harris Crowne SL 270 features a pretty impressive array of optional features for pushing the luxury of your pontoon to the next level. Here are some standout features, most of which come at an additional cost to the base model.

  • 5 different floor plans to choose from
  • You can boost to a twin engine model for drastically increased power and performance. Speeds can top 61 mph with the twin engines
  • Entertainment bar with pressurized sink
  • Interior lighting packages with RGB seat base and drink holder lights, also underwater and underdeck lights
  • Mercury Joystick Piloting
  • Polk stereo with Polk Ultramarine App with 6 speakers and rear lounge remotes
  • Medallion Glass Dash gives you engine data, GPS, stereo and lighting control plus more
  • Aft facing camera
  • Simrad touchscreen GPS and chartplotter
  • Push-button controlled sports arch
  • Ski tow pylon
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Change room and curtain
  • Stainless steel fridge with battery box and charger
  • Swim seat
  • Folding or retractable ladders
  • Bow lounger
  • Adjustable captain’s chairs and highback, reclining helm seat
  • Folding teak table
  • Woven teak flooring
  • Stainless steel grill


  • Overall length 29’9”
  • 8’6” beam
  • 28’ pontoon length
  • Max capacity 14 – 16 passengers or 3067 lbs
  • Maximum of 450 hp
  • Fuel capacity of 63 gallons


  • Some of the highest end seating you’re ever going to experience on a pontoon. Not everyone gets excited about their upholstery on a boat but once you sit in one of these you’ll be impressed by how comfortable this boat is.
  • Some amazing luxury features like the fridge, the grill, the incredible sound system and the lighting accents. The underwater lighting makes an incredible sight at night.
  • The power of the engines is a real major selling point here as we all know pontoons are not power boats by any means but we’re all pretty happy when someone makes a pontoon that can push the envelope anyway. 
  • So many options and upgrades ensure you’ll be able to refine the exact boating experience you want to have, so long as the price isn’t an issue. 
  • In terms of looks, it’s hard to find a pontoon that looks as sleek and well made as the Harris Crowne. This really is a work of art.
  • That joystick handling is amazing and if you have never tried it, do yourself a favor and just book a test drive if nothing else. Really precise, clean control that makes for not just a fun ride, but unprecedented maneuvering and handling. Really a great feature and hopefully some more affordable boats can make use of it as time goes on.
  • Lots of room on deck with some really diverse features clearly designed for things like parties and dinners ensure a good time for you and for guests. 


  • Definitely not an entry level craft for the casual boater, this is a real investment and with maxed out options this hangs at the very high end of pontoon prices
  • With twin engines configured at max horsepower you can really move but man, people are going to hear you coming. This boat chews up the water with dual 450-hp engines. 
  • Not a problem unique to Harris but choosing your features when there are so many options becomes daunting when you’re not fully sure why a Polk stereo or Medallion glass are supposed to be impressive. Unless you have a knowledgeable sales rep walking you through the features, it can all become confusing. 

What You Need to Know 

Back in 2013, Harris actually won a design innovation award for their Crowne series and it’s no wonder. The difference between a Harris Crowne and a more run of the mill pontoon is a lot like the difference between a Lamborghini and a family sedan. They both do the same job and it’s not even to say the family sedan is bad in any way, but it’s not the same. One is designed to be top of the line, sleek, sexy and a performance beast. They’re different things. The Harris Crowne 270 is a different thing. 

When you max out the features on a single engine model with a Mercury Verado 450 you can crack $360,000. If you opt for the Crowne SL 270 twin engine model then you may want to sit down before you look at the final price. Two 450R Verados with joystick all by themselves, no boat included yet, cost $321,000. Total price with all the extra upgrades can take you over $642,000 unless you search for a used one on sale. So, yeah, this is not a boat for everyone.

What People Are Saying About Harris Boats

Here’s the thing about the Harris Crowne, no one is investing in one of these unless they know what they want. That means you have three camps of people who offer opinions on the Crowne SL 270 – those who have never tried one, those who have only tried one, and those who own one. I haven’t found too many owners but those who made the investment seemed pretty happy with all the features the boat has to offer. In the camp of those who have at least tried it, everyone is pretty impressed. It’s really a treat to even be on board when someone else is operating the boat, it’s like experiencing first class on an airplane for the first time, it’s just something familiar but different. 

The ride in the Harris Crowne with twin engines at top speed is both intense and loud. It’s not a gentle experience at all. For watersports it’s a hell of a lot of fun, but if you’re not used to pontoons and how they handle you might be forgiven for fearing that the entire boat is going to fall apart under the stress at first. Luckily, Harris put this boat together well and the three pontoons can handle the power pretty well.  

All the extras are just super slick and you’re likely to appreciate all the details from the rope lighting to the cushioning of the seating that’s all just a little, and sometimes a lot, nicer than what you’d find on other boats.

Complaints that I’ve come across are few and far between. A few owners have expressed that maybe the price doesn’t fully reflect the value, but not in an egregious way. Most of the trash talk seems to stem from those who haven’t tried the boat, they just think the cost is too high or the dual engines are silly on a pontoon. Take from that what you will.

Do We Recommend The Harris Crowne SL 270?

The Harris Crowne SL 270 is a powerful, luxurious pontoon boat. It performs incredibly well, it has amazing features, it looks great and it feels great. But the price absolutely reflects all of that. If you have the money then we absolutely recommend it. That said, if you don’t need the best of the best, I’d definitely do some comparison shopping first. There are a lot of other really high quality pontoons out there as well and if it’s not important to you that you literally have the best no matter the cost, they may suit your needs better. But if money is no object then by all means, treat yourself to one of the best pontoons on the market today and enjoy yourself out on the water in absolute style.