You’ve Got the Boat – Here Are the Charts

Perhaps the only set of charts you will need.

chart1.jpg (10692 bytes) We are very selective about products that we carry in our ship’s store but I must tell you that I was very impressed with this product. The Mariner’s Atlas is a complete set of NOAA charts in a convenient, cockpit-friendly package.

The Mariner’s Atlas is an indispensable reference guide for mariners, divers, and anglers alike. These manageably sized 11.5″ X 16″ NOAA and DMA laser scanned charts are in full color. Each chart is labeled with its government chart number for updating purposes with the US Coast Guard Notices to Mariners.

A variety of scales to accommodate unlimited, all-situation cruising. Whether coastal cruising, crossing, island hopping, approaching, making landfalls, or just plain gunkholing, these charts will guide your way. There are large scale charts which are indispensable for maneuvering harbors or tricky and congested waters close to shore.

chart3.jpg (9822 bytes) Generous chart overlaps allow quick transitions from one page to another without fuss. A panoramic cross-index and chart locator describes each area covered. You will find a quick list of harbors, a geographical index to locate any place instantly, emergency procedures and shoreside help with telephone numbers and VHF radio frequencies.

Marine facilities are listed in concise tables with details of services. A full description of area bridges and bridge procedures make navigating inland waters a breeze.

These photos do not do the books justice; the print quality is superior and they are produced to last. This is one of the best products of its kind that I have seen.

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