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My name is giggles and I joined a Mariner Scout Troop. Last summer we charted an 80 foot schooner and we were the crew. We could not wait to take the cruise to Catalina Island. The schooner we took was a schooner that our troop has been sailing since the 1960’s. The schooner has a lot of tradition for our troop and we could not wait to go.

Since our troop had been sailing this ship since the 1960’s it is tradition that each new crew that would sail the ship would make up a new verse of a song about our ship and their adventure. Well, you can’t image that if we been sailing this same ship since the 1960s how long this song is.

While sailing we were trying to figure out what funny story we could put into this song. The song is so long that almost everything in the world is in this song. On our way back from Catalina, we were upset that we could not put together a verse.

Then it happened – we were all on deck, all 20 of us, when I decided to go below to the bunks and get something out of my bag. When I walked in it was raining below, everything was wet, it looked like it was raining from the ceiling, all the sea water was pouring in.

I called my mother who is the Skipper of our scout ship and told her about the water. My mother had taken along training books, marlinespike supplies, snacks, etc., (Everything was soaked) sleeping bags, pillows, etc. Well, while all of us were trying to to keep our stuff dry with plastic trash bags and get it out of the way, one of the mothers came up with our verse: The Swift ain’t what she used to be – sung to the tune of the old gray mare.

We were laughing so hard, we forgot about all our stuff. The one thing we will all think of for our first adventure is the “Rain” .

We all had a great time and we will do it again!




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