Extra Navigation Question

Print out this page and use your 1210 TR training chart to answer the following question. You may return later to take the quiz by selecting the button below. For this question use a variation of 16° W and deviation of 2° E.

Plot a course from R”12″ Qk Fl R (approximately 41° 37.4′ N and 070° 42.3 W) to pass 0.5nm due south of BW buoy “BB” (approximately 41° 31.0 N and 070° 50.0′ W). Depart the red buoy at 0730 and proceed along this course at 4 kts.


What is the True Course?
What is the position and ETA of the point 0.5 nm due south of BW buoy?
At 1000, the following bearings are obtained with a hand bearing compass. (assume no deviation)Light: Fl 6sec 78 ft. 9M – Naushon Island bears—– 128°
NW edge of Penikese Island bears ——————- 235°
Light: Fl 4 sec 4M – Butler Flats bears ————— 004°

What is this 1000 position?

The difference between the 1000 Fix and 1000 DR was caused by a current. What is the Set and Drift of that current?


Early days of fishing and wakeboarding boats. These days a little more relaxing and sailing time, mostly on catamarans. Still too poor be a yacht man.

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