If you’re not familiar, Dan Snyder is CEO of Snyder Communications and the owner of the Commanders, the Washington football team that used to be the Washington Redskins. He’s also a man who is often in the news for controversial reasons related to that position. But, as a businessman and football team owner, he’s also quite wealthy. His rumored net worth is said to be around $4.9 billion. 

His yacht became news only recently as the interest in yachts owned by billionaires piqued people’s interests after many Russian yachts were getting seized by authorities due to sanctions against the country. While the NFL owner has nothing to do with Russia, the interest in billionaire superyachts included him and what is arguably one of the coolest and most luxurious yachts on the water today.

What Is Dan Snyder’s Yacht Called

Snyder calls his yacht the Lady S. Sometimes you’ll see the name squished together as one word Ladys, but that’s a mistake. The yacht was built in 2019 by the Dutch shipyard Feadship. It’s worth noting that there seems to be a second yacht named Lady S on the water but it’s both smaller at 151 feet and older having been built in 19189 by Benetti. 

What is Dan Snyder’s Yacht Worth

Word is that Snyder dropped an impressive $180 to $192 million on this yacht. There is some disagreement between multiple sources on the exact price but even still, the range is small enough to give you a decent idea of what we’re working with.

While that doesn’t make it the most expensive yacht in the world by any means, it’s still remarkably high by anyone’s metrics. Of course, when you learn about all the amenities and features Snyder managed to include on this incredible vessel, it starts to become more clear why it cost so much.

The yacht is also available to charter. If you’re interested in charting it for a week it’s going to cost $1,486,000 in the winter. If you want it during the summer then the price goes up to $1,698,000.

How Big is Dan Snyder’s Yacht

The yacht comes in at a huge 305 feet in length. That’s not the largest yacht in the world, of course, but definitely much bigger than many on the water. The vessel’s beam is just over 46 feet and the gross tonnage is 2,999. It features a steel hull, and is a Michael Leach design.

How Fast is Dan Snyder’s Yacht

Word is the yacht has a top speed of 18 knots with a cruising speed of 14 knots. Twin CAT engines propel the vessel and it has a range of up to 6,500 nautical miles from the 245,790 liter fuel tanks.

Does The Dan Snyder Yacht Have an Imax Theater?

This is one of the biggest features of the yacht for obvious reasons. It’s a two deck IMAX theater movie screen and while many superyachts have movie theaters on board there is literally nothing else like this in the world. It was a custom design and, according to the designers of the yacht’s interior, the entire yacht had to be built around it to accommodate the massive scale and needs of something so huge.

According to reports, this screen alone cost Snyder $3 million. Designing it meant that the theater room had to be soundproofed in a way that prevented both engine noise from ruining the movie experience and movie noise from ruining the silence of any guest cabins. This was part of meeting IMAX’s stringent norms for design and function.

The end result is a two-level theater with seating for 12.

Dan Snyder’s Yacht Inside

The interior of Dan Snyder’s yacht is some next level stuff. Snyder is clearly a man who likes relaxation and entertainment and this yacht has it all. Aside from that massive IMAX screen, check out some of the other features you can find on board.

  • A commercial helicopter landing pad
  • Guest suites that all contain 8K TVs
  • A 200 inch outdoor TV located on the main deck
  • A glass-bottom swimming pool
  • Golf course
  • Basketball court
  • Turkish bath
  • Sauna
  • Massage room
  • Steam room
  • Gym
  • A bar
  • Fireplaces
  • Outdoor shower
  • Deck jacuzzi and suite jacuzzis
  • Interactive dance floor
  • Two 34’5” limo tenders
  • A 24’7” rigid inflatable boat
  • One rescue boat
  • A beach club set up for dining, parties, relaxing and more
  • 4 jet skis
  • 2 Hobie Quest kayaks
  • Water skis
  • 4 seabobs 
  • A wakeboard
  • 2 paddleboards
  • 4 Stromer bicycles
  • An actual Zapata flyboard. If you’re not familiar, these are the boards that use a powerful jet of a water to let you hover and actually fly above the water kind of like an aquatic Iron Man, which is very cool.
  • Towables and inflatables
  • A waterslide
  • Gear for scuba diving and also fishing

What Else Does Does Snyder’s Yacht Have Inside

The yacht is designed to accommodate 12 guests. There is one master suite as well 4 VIP cabins and 2 twin cabins. In total that’s 11 beds including 5 kings. It takes a crew of 33 to keep the yacht going.

Elsewhere on board you can make your way between decks by using the elevator, enjoy drinks at a bar and 5 star cuisine provided by a professional chef among many other crew members who cater to pretty much any need a passenger has.

The Bottom Line

Dan Snyder’s Lady S yacht is a standout among those owned by people in the professional sports world. Though the luxury yacht is not quite as large as the yacht owned by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones which clocks in at a whopping 357 feet. But the extra amenities that Snyder shelled out for definitely make it remarkable. That IMAX alone makes it unique among all yachts in the world as no other yacht owners can make such a claim, or not yet anyway.

The entire yacht measures 305 feet and it’s believed to have cost owner Dan Snyder between $180 million and $195 million. It is loaded to the teeth with all kinds of toys from a fly board to water slides and more. There are multiple tenders, a pool, 8K TVs, a full staff and seven cabins for a total of 12 guests. The yacht is also available for charter.