Crew Overboard

You are operating a powerboat on a fair sea when a crew member falls overboard on the port side. You should take a hard turn to the _______?

Boats react differently than cars and actually are steered from the stern and rotate around a pivot point. This pivot point is approximately one-third of the way aft from the bow when moving forward. If you find yourself in a crew overboard situation you should turn in the direction of the person falling overboard. In the case of this question, you should turn to port. This will move the stern, and subsequently, the propeller to starboard and away from the person in the water.

Thanks to Alan Richard who pointed out that using the word “passenger” could infer that it was a person who paid a consideration in return for passage. If this were the case, you would have to have a USCG license .

Thanks also to David Moore who, if I may paraphrase, said the direction you turn might depend on the relationship you have with the person overboard.

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