Cobra JumPack XL H2O Jump Starter Review

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A portable jump starter pack isn’t something you think about needing – until you need it. I was in a situation like that not too long ago, while fishing a remote stretch of river. My buddy’s truck wouldn’t start, and we would’ve been waiting for days for someone to come around with jumper cables. Luckily, my buddy had a portable jumper, and in a few minutes we were back on the road.

If you want to safeguard against situations like that – and charge all your electronic devices, too – then look no further than the Cobra JumPack XL H2O. It packs enough power to jumpstart a V8 motor, including those in motorhomes, RVs, boats, ATVs, motorcycles, and snowmobiles. Regardless of what toy you’re playing with on a given day, the JumPack XL H2O will jump it.

And, as the name implies, it’s built to withstand all weather types. You won’t have to worry about pouring rain, or using this product on the lake or the ocean.

But enough of the general overview. Let’s take a deeper look at the features packed into the Cobra JumPack XL H2O.

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Multiple Jumps Per Charge

Any good jumpstarting kit should have the reserve power to start multiple batteries on a single charge. The JumPack XL H2O boasts a 400A starting current, and Cobra claims you’ll get at least three jumps on a single charge. Throughout my use, that turned out to be true.

The Cobra also holds a charge for a longer time than other jumper kits on the market. I have a jump starter kit in my wife’s car, and it needs to be recharged every six months. The Cobra can go out to about eight months, based on my research.

Two Jump Options

Not all of us are as handy with vehicles as we’d like to be. Opening the hood of a car and staring into the abyss can be understandably intimidating for someone who hasn’t spent most of their life working on cars.

If you don’t feel comfortable using the posts on your battery under the hood to jump your car or boat, the unique design in this Cobra JumPack XL gives you the chance to do it from inside your car. That’s right – all you have to do is plug in the jump kit to your 12-volt cigarette lighter, and follow the directions. This results in the car turning right over.

Of course, you can jump your dead battery the traditional way. Both the 12-volt adapter and jumper cables are included with the purchase of this jumper pack.


What sets this jumper pack apart from the rest is the versatility with which it’s built. Cobra decided to not just limit themselves to building a jumper that’s suited for cars. This JumPack XL H2O is made to handle jumping just about any vehicle you can own. Short of a monster truck, the JumPack XL H2O should handle your boats, RVs, motorhomes, jet skis, snowmobiles, motorcycles, cars, pickup trucks, cargo vans, and ATVs.

Works in All Weather

Often, when you’re having engine troubles far away from anyone who could help jump your vehicle, the weather isn’t cooperating, either. I once spent a long, cold night in my truck waiting for someone to drive by and jump it. This was well before I started carrying my own jumper kit with me.

The JumPack XL H2O is built to work in all types of weather, and in various environments, too. Whether you’re out on the local lake and your battery dies in your outboard, or you’re chasing big fish with fly rods in the salt flats off Florida, the JumPack XL H2O won’t let you down. It’s built to keep all the circuitry completely enclosed and protected, meaning that a malfunction is almost impossible. The last thing you need to worry about when using this product is your safety, and that’s something Cobra really embraces with this jumper pack.

Charges USB Devices

Whether you need your phone back on to call for help, or you need to keep a tablet charged so the kids have something to watch, the JumPack can help out here, too. It has two USB ports, allowing it to charge two different devices simultaneously. Charging your devices won’t, in most cases, drain the battery too much that you can’t jump your vehicle afterwards, either.

Wrapping Up

The Cobra JumPack XL H2O is one of the best jumper kits out there. I love how versatile it is, and the built-in flashlight. It’s a nice little touch that shows Cobra is designing products with the users in mind. You also can’t overlook the power this thing packs in a really small package. It won’t take up tons of room in any vehicle, which is another important feature of a good jumper pack.

And, given the price, it’s a steal of a deal. I’d jump on this if you’re in the market for portable power.

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