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Coastal Navigation Course Bulletin Board

You may need to reload the page to see new messages. [ Post Message ] I passed the first exam!!!!!!!! – Russell 18:40:13 3/20/2004 ( 0) new student – Russell 14:47:10 3/12/2004 ( 0) Your scholarships is here!! – Mike 09:59:50 1/28/2004 ( 0) – Cialis Online 19:00:31 1/15/2004 ( 0) Mini Chart #4 Lesson […]

Download the answers in PDF format

Coastal Navigation Course Download the answers in PDF format Right click on this link to save the PDF file to your hard drive. Please note that the completed charts don’t translate very well. If you have trouble reading them in PDF format, please check them out online.

Skipper’s Onboard Source

The Nautical Know How Skipper’s Onboard Source This is the boating information you need to know! Now you can take it with you. Eighteen double-sided, laminated cards (plus a cover) (3.5 by 9 inches) on a ring that allows easy access and the ability to add new information. Aids to Navigation including IALA-B Federal System, […]