Ultimate Guide to the Best Night Vision Binoculars for the Money

It’s no secret that human beings are inherently diurnal creatures, which means we’re active during the day. Vision is our main source of processing information, and it’s adversely compromised when nighttime rolls around. But, like everything else in life, behind every problem lies a viable solution. So, the advent of technology has ushered in night…

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Is the Olight Warrior The Best Tactical Flashlight

Best Tactical Flashlight of 2021 (Review and Buying Guide)

Military, law enforcement, and first responders will use nothing less than the best tactical flashlight available. A substandard light source can put lives at risk or compromise an operation, and that’s why you should always buy the best tool for the job. Unlike regular flashlights, tactical models are designed for use in serious situations, and…

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Olight is one of the Best Flashlight makers

Best Flashlight of 2021 (Review and Buying Guide)

There are plenty of good reasons for wanting the best flashlight that you can buy. Light is an essential tool for most tasks, and being able to quickly and efficiently illuminate a room or a space is invaluable. If there’s a power outage, you grab your flashlight. If you’re looking for something in a poorly…

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Why Is Night Vision Green?

From almost every military movie you have watched to “Call of Duty” missions and even creepy stalker films, night vision goggles have almost become a mainstay in all darkness oriented adventures. Apart from the fact that night vision goggles seem to bring light to darkness and help members of SEAL Team 6 see quite well…

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Does Leatherman Make The Best Multitool On The Market

Best Multitool of 2021 (Review and Buying Guide)

The best multitool for one person isn’t going to be the right fit for another. It’s as simple as that. Multitools, though practical and versatile, are divisive gadgets. For many, they’re the wrong tool for a million jobs, while for others, they’re an indispensable part of their every day carry. Of course, no multitool will…

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GPS Map Location Pin

A Guide to the Best GPS App Every Boater Should Have

Getting lost during your boating escapades is one of the most gut-wrenching ordeals for any water enthusiast. And, with the absence of a reliable navigation system, this scary thought can quickly become a grim reality. But it’s a double-edged sword because these navigation systems come at a steep price. Fortunately, with the advent of technology…

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Reviewing the Best Binoculars of 2021

Picture this: You finally got around to taking that long-awaited safari to the Maasai Mara in Kenya. You are there just in time for the Wildebeest Migration spectacle, and you want to take in as much of what the National Reserve has to offer before you head back home. Unfortunately, you are not alone. There…

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Top 6 Best Night Vision Monocular for Outdoor Enthusiasts

There are night vision goggles, night vision driving glasses, and then there is the night vision monocular. While opinions are divided as to which one is best, the most practical course of action would be to listen to people whose profession calls for the use of all three and find out which they think is…

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Brunton TruArc 3

The Best Compass of 2021 (Review and Buying Guide)

So you want to buy a compass? Here’s all you need to know! Having a dependable analog navigation tool on board your boat is a smart idea. Electronics can fail, and changing conditions make navigation by the sun and stars a very tricky business. But before we get into the best compasses to buy, let’s…

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Storm Cloud Formation

Identifying The Different Types Of Storm Clouds

A boat on the water is a great place to watch clouds. It’s also a pleasant way to pass the time when you are bored. It can also save you and your family from being caught in a sudden thunderstorm. A skipper knows to always check the weather forecast before leaving the dock, but sometimes…

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ICOM IC-M93D Marine VHF Handheld Radio

Ranking The Best Handheld VHF Marine Radios On The Market

A handheld marine radio is an essential piece of equipment for boaters heading out to sea. They can be used to contact the Coast Guard in case of an emergency, for communication with other vessels, and for regular information updates and weather reports. A handheld VHF radio is what you need! VHF stands for Very…

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Life Jackets and PFDs Hanging Up

How To Choose The Right Life Jacket For Your Needs

A life jacket is a personal flotation device (PFD) that comes in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and materials. Some life vests are made to be more rugged and last longer while others are made to protect you from cold water. No matter which life jacket you choose, be sure to get the one…

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