Boating Stories Archives

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Boating Stories Archives

  • The Great Bahamas Cruise by Jim Smith (03/25/98)
  • Caution for Pontoon Boaters (03/25/98)
  • Top 10 Silliest Questions Asked on Cruise Ships (03/25/98)
  • Adventures in Galveston Bay by Jeanne Hurr (03/17/98)
  • Capt. Matt’s Boating Adventure (In 4 parts)
  • Nathan’s Kite Boat
  • Port Tack to Tortola by Jim Smith
  • Murphy’s Law at Work by John Sullivan
  • Boating experiences on the ICW .
  • Keel-Hauling In Havasu by Jim Smith
  • Tortola Torture by Jim Smith
  • Vicki & Ray’s First Bareboating Adventure
  • The Bahamas via Hong Kong by Jim Smith
  • Some Humor from Jim Smith

BoatSafe Kids

  • How Far is the Horizon? (04/14/98)
  • Do I have to wear my PFD?
  • How do life jackets work?
  • Stuff you should always have onboard no matter how small your boat is
  • Why are life jackets orange?
  • What does “abeam” mean?
  • What makes a boat plane?
  • How do heavy boats float?




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