Take a Boating Safety Course Online

Take a Boating Safety Course Online

Basic Boating Safety – all of the information is free.

Coastal Navigation Course

Dividers Combination home study text/workbook, chart work and online information and discussion. View details . We are very pleased to announce that this course has been chosen for use as a textbook by the Faculty of Maritime Studies at Vestfold College, Tonsberg, Norway.

  • How to use parallel rulers
  • How to use dividers

Boating Articles

BoatSafe Kids

boating for kids

  • Maps and charts are flat. Our planet is round. How’d they do that?
  • Play Life jacket TIC-TAC-TOE
  • What does ‘pounds of buoyancy’ mean when referring to life jackets?
  • More for BoatSafe Kids

Ship’s Store

sos Visit our Ship’s Store for nautical items.

Skipper’s Onboard Source – The information you need to know – Take it with you!

Boating Quizzes – Test Your Knowledge

Advanced Boating Quizzes from the U.S. Coast Guard database of questions used to prepare the exams for a U.S. Coast Guard captain’s license .


Early days of fishing and wakeboarding boats. These days a little more relaxing and sailing time, mostly on catamarans. Still too poor be a yacht man.

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