Boat name decals might not be the most obvious accessories you need to invest in, but you will need them. Since the US Coast Guard requires that all boats are correctly registered, your boat will be given a special Hull Identification Number. This number works similarly to your car’s license plate number. However, you’ll have to display this number on your boat’s hull instead of getting a license plate.

They need to be displayed clearly and should be easy to read. The regulations state that your boat registration number should be placed on the front of the boat, on the outside. And it’s not just your HIN that you’ll want to have on display. You’ll want to put your boat’s name on the transom, or you might want to put a custom graphic somewhere in pride of place.

Using professional-grade boat decals is the best way to display these numbers, letters, and graphics. Professionally designed and cut vinyl lettering is clear to read, easy to look at, and resistant to the weather.

You can order graphics from several places, but we’ve compiled a concise list of some of our favorite places to suit different customers. We’ve also put together a little buying guide to keep in mind before placing an order. So, look at the best boat decals and lettering options without further ado!

Boatlettering is an excellent one-stop shop for all things related to boat lettering. If you’re in need of smart looking decals but don’t want to spend over the odds on a professional graphic designer, then this website is a good place to start your search.

It uses an onpage design interface that allows you to customize your own lettering to suit your needs. Simply type in your boat name, or any other text or lettering that you need cut, and you’re ready to go. With the name on screen, you can choose the size of the text, the font, the colors, and even play with special effects such as drop-shadows and outlines.

As you go through the design process the website calculates the cost of the graphics in real time, so you can stay on budget, and won’t encounter any unexpected surprises when you get to the checkout. When you’re done, all you have to do is put in your payment details and a delivery address, and your new boat name decals will be shipped directly to your door!

This is a cost-effective method for those looking for quality graphics. They’re so good, they almost look like they were designed by a professional.


If you’re looking for another way of getting boat name decals printed, then you could give a look. It’s similar in nature to Boat Lettering mentioned above, but it has some key differences.

The company does more than just lettering, so it’s a great if you’re looking to get a few things printed and cut at the same time. They specialize in everything from big banners to custom graphics. For those who want boat name decals, vinyl graphics, striping, and more, this is a comprehensive store.

Bannerbuzz operates in a number of ways. Firstly, you can open up an online graphics editor that allows you to design your own graphics. You can use lettering and text-art tools, or you can use a free-hand design interface that let’s you go really wild. All submitted plans are approved by a designed before they go to print, just to make sure that they’re feasible.

Alternatively, you can upload your own graphics directly to the store. The interface accepts all of the most popular image file types. You can also add annotations and notes with these images that the company’s designers can use to make sure you’re getting what you want.

Again, this is an inexpensive way to get professional graphics without you having to spend serious money on a professional designer. Professional graphics for affordable prices.

Printing Jay via

Amazon Printing Jay

Another interesting place to search for the best boat name decals is Unbeknownst to many, amazon actually has special customization interfaces for certain products, such as vinyl lettering and graphic design, which allows you to design and purchase your own graphics through Amazon’s tried, tested, and trusted buying platform. Our favorite Amazon seller for boat name decals is Printing Jay.

Using the online interface, you can customize your own decals with sizes that range from 6 to 64 inches. There are 18 fonts to choose from, with 16 color choices. The selection is limited when compared with other services, but this is a cheaper way of buying custom vinyl boat lettering, so you have to make a few compromises.

While the cost is cheaper, the service is still exceptionally good. Printing Jay uses high-quality vinyl which is fully weatherproof. Unlike cheaper boat stickers that use paper backgrounds, this stuff is tough! Once properly applied, there’ll be no easy removal—unless you’ve got a heat gun, a scraper, and a great deal of time on your hands.

Each order ships in a single business day for a fast turnaround. You can also get a discount if you’re buying in bulk too. Lastly, Printing Jay offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your new boat logo. Plus, there’s a 5 year warranty too!

Boat Name Decals: A Buying Guide

Buying new custom boat decals is a fun task. You can be as creative as you like, and the only limits are that of your imagination, and of course, your budget. However, before you make contact with a graphic designer or sign-writing company, take a few of these ideas into account. After all, you want the best graphics you can get, so don’t rush into the decision.

Boat Name On A Transom

Learn What’s On Offer

So, you’re on the hunt for a new set of boat stickers. You want your name printed in pride of place. But while you’re searching, why not see what other graphics you can get cut at the same time? Most sign makers and vinyl cutters will offer a discount for bulk orders, and since the vinyl is getting cut anyway, rather than waste unusable off-cuts, a good designer will be able to get more graphics on the same work piece. In short: ordering more may be a very cost-effective option.

If you’re not sure what else you could get cut, here are a few options to consider:

Boat Names

You’re here for boat name decals. The trick to a good name decal is to make it readable. A good font that can easily be read at a distance, with a good color combination, is what makes one decal better than another. Try not to choose colors that clash or don’t show up well when mounted on other colors.

Registration Numbers

A boat registration number decal is another good thing to get cut if you’re trying to round up your order. HIN numbers need to be visible and easy to read. Plus, if you can get a set of numbers that are designed to match your other boat lettering, it’ll make your boat look smarter.

Hailing Port

All documented vessels in the US are required to have the name of their hailing port printed on their stern. Your hailing port is your boat’s home port. For example, a boat from Key West would be required to have Key West written on it. It’s a good ide to get these printed up when you’re buying your next batch of vinyl boat lettering.


A new paint job is an expensive way to change your boat’s appearance. A set of vinyl stripes, however, instantly inject a bit of charisma for a very small outlay. Most vinyl lettering companies can cut more than letters. A vinyl cutting plotter can cut all kinds of shapes, and stripes are very simple things to design and cut.


Boat name decals can be more than just letters, numbers, and tired puns. They can also feature imagery. There’s nothing stopping you from designing a logo that compliments your boat’s name. You’ve probably seen a hundred fishing boat decals with a fish being pulled out of the water emblazoned next to it, so why not take that approach and inject your own flair into the design?


Now, wraps exist but don’t assume that all vinyl graphic places also do wraps, because they’re not the same thing. However, if you find yourself looking at a company that also does wraps or digitally printed decals, then you can start getting really creative—if that’s something you want, of course. Wraps are definitely not for everyone.

DIY Or Professional?

The real question is whether you want to do this yourself or not. That’s actually two questions: Can you competently design the decal that you want? Can you apply these decals yourself?

It’s cheaper to DIY it all. Definitely. Competent graphic designers are skilled workers and their time costs an appropriate price. And quite rightly so. However, if you’re just looking for a simple series of letters, then you should give it a go yourself. You might find that you like it. Plus, you won’t waste too much money if you make a mistake.


Getting a professional company to take your vision and design it for you is a better option in the long run. If you visit your local print shop, they’ll know what to do, and what’s more, they’ll probably fit your graphics for you.

But the choice is yours!