Boat Handling Tips

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Boat Handling Tips

  • Boat Docking in a Quartering Wind by Charles Low (04/14/98)
  • Boat Docking – An Introduction by Charles Low
  • Docking Broadside to Wind by Charles T. Low
  • Close Quarters Maneuvering by Charles Low
  • Docking Stern-to – by Charles T. Low
  • Boat Docking – Alongside in a Headwind by Charles T. Low
  • Maneuvering in a Narrow Channel
  • Docking & Undocking
  • Docking Tips continued
  • Your Boat’s Aground – What Now?

Boat Maintenance Tips

  • Bright Ideas contributed by Bob Pone, The Marine Do-It-Yourselfer
  • Troubleshooting the Over-Heating Engine
  • Winterizing Your Boat
  • Outboard Motor Maintenance
  • Checking Bilge Pumps
  • Through-hull Fittings

Printable checklists and logs

  • A Float Plan
  • Trip Log
  • Ship’s Log
  • Predeparture Check List
  • Tools & Spare Parts List
  • Required Equipment for Recreational Boats




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