The summer season may be officially over in other parts of the globe, but that should not stop you from experiencing the warm waters of beaches and lakes. Traveling to tropical countries that boast beautiful beaches and bodies of water all-year-round is an option that not many will pass.

But before you pack your luggage and jet set to your travel destination, you must not forget one important thing: the best water shoes for women! You need a good pair to properly enjoy the sand and the waves.

While you glam up with that perfect pose using your waterproof camera, make sure that you are also fashionably chic with these amazing water shoes! Without further ado, here is our list of the greatest among the best water shoes for women.

Best Water Shoes for Women

Merrell Women’s All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe


When it comes to shoes and functionality, nothing beats Merrell. It is a brand of choice for many people when it comes to trusted footwear. This All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe from Merrell is a must-have when you want to go into the water. Why?

It is not only good for the water but also perfect for light hiking and walking. Technically, these are sandals; however, they are as good as shoes with their protective toe bumper.

What makes them the best water shoes for women is the fact that it provides comfort with all the right qualities. It is easy to get on and off because of the Lycra neoprene stretch upper materials.

Moreover, we all know that moist and wet feet can cause bad odors, right? You do not have to worry about stinky feet when you use these water shoes from Merrell. It has M Select Fresh, which is an antimicrobial treatment that keeps bad odors under control.

The midsoles also provide a comfortable cushion so that you won’t get tired whenever you wear these shoes, while the outsoles have reliable traction to ensure your safety from slip and falls. If this isn’t one of the best water shoes for women, we don’t know what is.


• Comfortable
• Quick dry
• Great for water and light hiking
• Easy to wear
• Strong grip that prevents slips and falls


• Rocks and sand may enter the shoe opening

Speedo Women’s Port Lightweight Breathable Water Shoes

Who hasn’t heard of Speedo when it comes to swimwear and accessories? I bet everyone has. To complete your swimwear attire, you can take a look at this lightweight and breathable water shoe from Speedo.

These water shoes for women mix casual elegance with a sporty aqua look. At first glance, you won’t even believe that it is an actual pair of water shoes!

The water shoes are made of a breathable and synthetic upper. The back portion of the shoe has a small mesh design that adds to its unique and favorable aesthetic. Moreover, it also has a bungee lacing system equipped with a quick-fit toggle to help you adjust and get the right fit. After all, nobody wants to lose a shoe when they are in the water!

These water shoes are really soft and very comfortable to walk in. You can get this pair of shoes for a good price, and you’ll never regret the purchase.


• Affordable
• Comfortable
• Lace with quick-fit toggle
• Easy to wear
• Breathable


• Need to break them in a bit

Speedo Women’s Water Shoe Seaside Lace Up Athletic


Another great find from Speedo is this Seaside Lace Up Athletic water shoe. It is true to its size, so you do not need to worry about getting too small or too big of a size. Simply order your size, and you’ll get the right fit for you!

The shaft is low-top from the arch, and it is made of 100% synthetic upper materials. Moreover, the upper is made from breathable mesh that also provides airflow to your feet. The soles are made from rubber, providing these water shoes with a strong grip and traction that prevents slip and falls.

When it comes to physical appeal, these water shoes feature lacing overlays and adjustable straps with a toggle closure. These hydrophobic and lightweight water shoes are a perfect match for your beach wardrobe!

But what we like the most from this pair of water shoes is that it features a Speedo S-Trac TPR outsole. This means that the outsoles can push water away from the shoe for enhanced slip resistance.


• Breathable mesh upper
• Better slip resistance
• Comfortable slide shoe
• With seaweed massage footbed
• Quick dry
• Ultra-lightweight


• Thin soles which may not work well on rocky and rough terrains
• Prone to wear and tear

Body Glove Women’s Water Shoe


Body Glove’s water shoes for women are a symbol of simplicity with a touch of elegance. They are not too athletic nor too bulky compared to the other shoes on this list. These water shoes serve their purpose as a fashion trend and functional water shoe perfect for your beachwear.

They are made from neoprene and mesh uppers with a rubber sole. The Velcro strap is adjustable and guarantees a perfect fit for the wearer. It also has a synthetic rubber outsole that grips well on slippery pavements.

These best water shoes for women are comfortable to wear and provide the necessary protection for your feet whenever you do your water activities. They are available in two color combinations: black/oasis blue and black/salmon rose. So, whether you want to pump up the glam pink or have that blue athletic spirit, you’ll never go wrong with this pick.


• Adjustable Velcro strap
• Synthetic rubber outsole
• Lightweight
• Breathable mesh upper
• Affordable


• Velcro may come loose

Ryka Women’s Hydro Sport Training Water Shoe

According to The New York Times, water shoes have become a trend and a fashion accessory even on the streets of New York! And while luxury brands like Balenciaga strut the runway with water shoes this year, you do not need to spend as much to get your own nice pair. The Hydro Sport Training Water Shoes from Ryka got you covered.

You can look for the right pair that fits your style among its various selection of cute colors. You can go with the elegance and simplicity of black or perhaps add a bit of color here and there. Depending on your outfit of the day, you’ll have the perfect shoes to match.

But it is not only all looks and no functionality! These water shoes for women are very practical and useful as well. They feature a multi-port drainage water system that drains water from the shoes, keeping them lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all the time.

They are also made from chlorine-friendly and quick-drying materials, so you do not have to worry about colors fading because of chlorine or too much water.

Furthermore, these water shoes are specifically engineered for women! They are designed to perfectly match a woman’s foot shape, build, and muscle movement. The shoes provide medial and lateral support with its webbing midfoot cage.

They also include a removable Nitracel insole for proper cushioning and comfort. So, who needs a luxury brand when you can get all these handy benefits from Ryka at a smaller cost?


• Great for water activities
• Synthetic and mesh upper
• Easy to put on and take off
• Provides medial and lateral support
• Cushions and comforts the feet
• With drainage ports
• Specifically made for women
• Available in various colors


• Lacing system becomes loose easily
• Does not have a powerful gripping mechanism

Aleader Women’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

Aleader’s water shoes are perfect for water activities such as kayaking on your best kayak! The mesh upper is breathable and durable at the same time.

Hence, you can be assured that your feet will be able to breathe and that your water shoes are long-lasting. The midsole is made from solyte materials, which is lighter than those made from EVA, making this wonderful pair of water shoes exceptionally lightweight.

The outsoles have water drains. The traction and grip also provided excellent protection from wet and slippery surfaces. It further features the ComforDry sock liner to maximize cushion and provide you with a healthier shoe experience.

With its FluidFlow Technology, you can be assured that the drainage of water from the upper mesh down to the outsoles is exemplary. This is to provide you with the comfort you need while enjoying your water activities and maintaining a stylish appearance.


• Great traction
• FluidFlow Technology for proper water drainage
• Hydrophobic engineered mesh
• Breathability and comfort
• Easy to wear
• Vegan and cozy
• Affordable


• Flimsy
• Needs to break in, or it might cause blisters

Columbia Women’s Drainmaker IV Breathable Shoe Water 

When it comes to hiking, Columbia is one of the best brands for shoes and boots. But did you know that they also provide one of the best water shoes for women? With Columbia’s Drainmaker IV Water Shoes, you’ll enjoy many water activities without worrying for a bit about your footwear.

It has advanced technology that features a Techlite footbed and frame. It is intended to provide the wearer with superior cushioning support as well as the best impact absorption. The materials used are synthetic and rubber outsole with non-marking wet traction. This pair of shoes is best on wet rocky sands or even on dry deck boats.

Moreover, it has adjustable laces that you can fiddle with to get the perfect size customized to your needs. The shaft measures low-top from the arch. And the shoes themselves are very lightweight, which adds to the comfort you feel when you wear them.


• Perfect for wet and dry surfaces
• Made from high-quality and functional materials
• Durability guaranteed
• Advanced traction outsole
• Prevents slipping and falls
• Lightweight and comfortable
• Available in different colors
• Easy to wear
• Fits well


• Stones may get stuck on the shoes
• Mesh and tongue may rub on your feet and toes

Northside Unisex Brille II Athletic Water Shoe

If sturdy is what you’re looking for, then the water shoes you need are the Brille II Athletic water shoes from Northside. They are not exclusive to women alone since these water shoes are unisex!

This means that you can also get another pair for your partner! These shoes are 100% human-made with good craftsmanship, so you can be assured that you get the quality you deserve from this pair of functional and versatile water shoes.

These water shoes have a free-floating tongue as well as a toe bumper that protects your precious toes from any hard materials that may bump when doing certain water activities. These shoes are also great for dry use. They can also be worn when hiking or biking too!

The bungee lacing system will help keep the shoes secure on your feet so that you won’t lose it even during extreme activities and sports. What is more, is the rugged neoprene upper that allows breathability of air. Thanks to the mesh material it is made from.

They are also made from lightweight EVA that guarantees extra cushioning to provide your feet with the comfort it needs all-day round. Furthermore, it is available in various colors! And since it is affordable, you can get several pairs to pair with your OOTDs!


• Breathability
• Nice design
• Quick-drying
• Available in various colors
• Affordable
• Lightweight


• Sand and small pebbles may enter
• Removable shoe inserts make cleaning the shoes complicated
• No traction

WateLves Water Shoes for Women Quick-Dry Aqua


Handy and very portable, these water shoes from WateLves are something you need whenever you take a vacation close to the water. Though it isn’t a hard shoe that you can use for hiking (though it is okay to use for a daily run), it fits perfectly well in protecting your feet from the sand and water.

The water shoes from WateLves are extremely lightweight and flexible. You can even fold them or roll them to squeeze them inside your baggage. They are made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex.

The lightweight and flexibility of the material give the right amount of comfort to the wearer on top of its breathability. They also have an anti-slip rubber outsole that is thick enough to protect your feet whenever you step on a rock or stone.

Furthermore, there are varied designs that you can choose from! From solid colors to several print designs, you’ll have fun choosing the right design and color scheme perfect for any season.

The designs are appropriate for spring, summer, and fall! So, whenever you need to grab a quick-dry water shoe that is affordable in price to accompany you on your water activities, check these water shoes from WateLves.


• Quick dry
• Very affordable
• Ultra-lightweight
• Anti-slip sole
• Ventilated and breathable
• Perfect for any water activities
• Can be folded


• Mass-produced
• Not for long term use

Feetmat Women’s Water Shoes Slip On


Being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to spend your funds on poor quality water shoes. Even with a tight budget, you can still get the quality you deserve with these Feetmat Women’s Slip-On Water Shoes.

Made with elastic straps, they adjust automatically to accommodate the width of your foot. This saves you the time of tying shoelaces whenever you’re too excited to take that dip or catch a ride on that jet boat.

The upper is made with a breathable and lightweight fabric. It provides comfort and protection to your feet from the harsh elements, including sand and water.

Meanwhile, the outsole is made from a top-quality rubber sole that prevents slips and falls to ensure your safety and protection. The outsole also provides the appropriate stability to guarantee you do not lose your balance.

This pair of best water shoes for women features a full-cover design. It has the appropriate toe protection that can deal with any conditions from sand to water splashes.

With the full-cover design, your feet are fully protected and fit way better compared to other water shoes from other brands. They are also quick-drying, so you won’t feel uncomfortable having wet feet and shoes. The open mesh upper allows air to pass in and out, creating a cooler and fresher shoe environment.


• Enhanced drainage functions
• Stylish and casual
• Anti-slip outsole
• Lightweight and breathable
• Quick to dry
• Easy to put on and take off
• Great to use on dry and wet surfaces
• Affordable


• Not great for trails with loose gravel
• Sand may accumulate, preventing proper water drainage

How to Choose the Best Water Shoes for Women

Choosing the best water shoes for women isn’t as simple as getting the first pair you lay your eyes on or simply because you love the design. There are many things to consider when getting the right pair of water shoes. If you do not consider these things, you might have a bad experience instead of a joyful one when you are doing water activities or even engaging in dry land activities.


Breathability is an important factor when you are looking for the best water shoes for women. Whatever activities you may be doing, there is a tendency for water to come in. When this unfortunate event happens, the water needs to come out so that it won’t be uncomfortable or cause odors. A good pair of water shoes provide proper air circulation and allows the water to drain from your shoes.

Make sure that when you look for your water shoes, the materials that it is made from are breathable and will not absorb the water. If materials are not breathable, you are putting yourself at risk from bad odor and the growth of bacteria and fungi that might cause several foot problems.


All footwear needs to be comfortable for you to enjoy whatever you are doing. Even when choosing heels, you need to look for a comfortable pair. Hence, there is no question of why you need comfort when it comes to water shoes as well.

Water shoes nowadays are not solely for water activities alone. Surprisingly enough, many use them when hiking or even during their day-to-day activities such as jogging or at work. That is because they find water shoes lightweight and very comfortable to wear. But what does comfort really mean?

You can say that your shoes are comfortable if you walk on it for a long time, yet you still feel okay. They fit well, and it won’t result in any blisters or sore toes and heels. When it comes to comfort, you need to get the proper cushioning from the soles. Water shoes without adequate padding and cushioning may hurt your feet after a while.

Moreover, other materials that come in contact with your skin should also be taken into consideration. Ensure that you are not allergic to any of these materials, nor should they cause redness, itchiness, or blisters.


Breathability and comfort are nothing if safety is not taken into consideration. Safety should be your topmost priority when it comes to looking for the best water shoes for women. Whether it is at work or leisure, safe footwear is needed to help prevent slips, trips, and falls. According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, statistics show that 67% of falls result from slipping and tripping. That is the main reason you need traction for your footwear.

Shoes with great traction will help prevent unnecessary slips and falls that may injure you. The best and safe water shoes have special tread in their outsoles that keeps you more stable and secure regardless of how wet the floor is. As long as you have a good sense of balance and your outsoles’ traction is exemplary, you can avoid most of the unwanted slips and falls.


Are Water Shoes and Wet Shoes the Same?

No, they are not the same. Water shoes and wet shoes are different. Water shoes, as the word implies, are considered footwear that covers the whole foot. It also provides proper toe protection and excellent traction brought about by rubber soles. Water shoes are often great for camping, hiking, and other dry activities as much as they are great for water activities. They are very similar to sneakers when you wear them.

Wet shoes, on the other hand, are like socks. It is similar to water socks though wet shoes are thicker and have thin rubber soles intended for traction. Wet shoes are not really ideal for walking, unlike water shoes are. Wet shoes function to keep your feet from getting wet when you are in cold waters. It works by trapping a thin layer of water in an external layer of the shoe. The body heats this water and helps keep your feet dry and warm in the process.

Know what your activities are. Then, you will decide which between water shoes or wet shoes is more tailored to your needs. Just make sure that you get the water shoes with the perfect fit.

Benefits of the Best Water Shoes for Women

Each footwear type has its own benefits and unique charm. It is also the same with water shoes. You can enjoy the following benefits from water shoes:

Strong Traction

The outsoles on water shoes provide exemplary traction perfect for wet and slippery surfaces. This allows you to avoid injuries caused by slips and falls. Unlike regular sneakers, traction on water shoes is similar to those found on hiking boots and shoes.

Closed-Toe Design

Most water shoes normally have a closed-toe design. This is to provide your front toes with the secure protection it needs. It prevents scrapes and broken toenails, especially when doing many activities on different wet and dry surfaces.

Works on Both Wet and Dry Surfaces

Thanks to its wonderful traction mechanism, water shoes are also great for mild hiking and even casual wear. Nowadays, many people are turning to water shoes since they find them to be versatile to use on different surfaces.

Foot Protection at its Fullest

Compared to water sandals, water shoes offer the utmost protection to your feet. That is because most designs have top-foot protection and cover your entire foot as opposed to sandals. This is crucially important to prevent wounds, scrapes, and other injuries that might harm you.


The quick-dry mechanism is one of the best qualities and one of the water shoe’s most important advantages. Most of the best water shoes for women have quick-dry materials. Water shoes have proper drainage to ensure that no water absorption happens.

Proper Ventilation for Healthier Feet

Quick dry and proper ventilation of water shoes allow your feet to breathe well. Quick-drying prevents moisture that might lead to unwanted bad odors. Proper air circulation also provides a safe environment so that bacteria and other germs will not thrive. Thus, ensuring a healthier space for your feet to feel comfortable and safe.

Disadvantages of Water Shoes

Water shoes may be great because of the several advantages that you can enjoy. However, there are limits to what water shoes can provide you.

Few Styles Available

Unfortunately, water shoes are not popular footwear. Not many brands carry high-quality water shoes. You need to look for brands that you can trust. Moreover, even if you find a brand you like, the designs available may be limited because these shoes are not your average footwear.

Not as Durable as Hiking Boots

If you want to buy the best water shoes for women simply because you want to use it for hiking, you might need to re-think your life’s decision. Though it can be used for hiking, it is still not comparable to true hiking boots that can withstand really rough terrain.

Water shoes do not have the proper cushioning that real hiking boots have. This lack of proper cushioning may hamper and limit your hiking experience. However, it is still true that you can use water shoes for mild hiking on normal and easy trails.

Not Easy to Put on Unlike Water Sandals

Since water shoes have a close design, it might be hard to put on and take off compared to water sandals. If you engage in activities where you need to take your footwear off several times, then this kind of shoe may not be the right choice for you. However, not all water shoes are difficult to put on. Some of the water shoes we included on our list of the best water shoes for women are easy to put on and take off. It all boils down to how good you are at checking the shoes before buying a pair.

Make sure that you know the pros and cons of the water shoes you are buying. Not all water shoes offer the same features. Some are far better off than the others, while some boast features that other water shoes do not have. In a nutshell, know what your needs are first. Knowledge will make it easier for you to decide on the perfect pair you need to have.