Many anglers would consider trout their favorite fish to catch. They can be a challenge to catch, which makes them desirable. They can also make for great trophies and good food. Not to mention that their preferred habitats are some of the most beautiful places you’ll see.

The thing about trout is that they’re not always easy to catch. The challenge is part of the fun after all. You can’t just toss a worm on a hook into the water to catch a trout. They can be discerning and tricky. That means your best bet for catching trout is to pick the right lure. Many lures have stood the test of time and proven their worth. You have to go with what works to get results. Why waste time on ineffective lures if you don’t have to?

When it comes to trout lures, these are the best of the best.

Rapala Original Floater

Few lures look more appealing to a fish than the Rapala Original Floater. When it’s bobbing and weaving under the water it absolutely mimics a real life bait fish. It makes for an easy cast, and you can troll with it easily. Whether you were in the shallow water or deep water, you can get this lure to work like a dream. If you’re serious about fishing for trout, you need this in your tackle box.

The Rapala Original is a solid choice for larger rainbow trout and lake trout. You can get smaller sizes when you’re looking for brown, brook or even bull trout. For many anglers, this is the best trout lure you’ll find.

Mepps-Aglia Spinner

Mepps-Aglia spinners have been a favorite of many anglers for years now. They are originally from France, though now they’re manufactured in America. You can buy these lures dressed with squirrel tails, but both seem to be very effective in catching trout. You can also sell squirrel tails to the company, if you’re so inclined. They will use them to make lures and give you a discount on future purchases when you do, which is fun.

Trout Magnets

Trout magnets look about as plain as a lure can get. They’re designed to resemble superworms or mealworms. If you know how to hold them in the water, their movements are incredibly effective. Your best bet is to cast these behind a boat rather than try to get any distance from shore. There’s definitely a learning curve to using a trout worm like this. Simply casting and reeling without much thought probably won’t work. If you know how to let the current work with the jig head, they can be solid lures for trout.

These trout magnets do not have a lot of weight to them. As you can see, there are a lot of colors, but trout aren’t big on exotic looks like that. Stick with natural looking magnets and you’ll be pulling in brown trout and rainbows trout. You can even trout like brooks and cutthroat on these. If you like a trout worm sort of lure, this is the best trout bait you can find at the price.

Worden’s Original Rooster Tail

Worden’s Rooster Tail is a staple trout fishing lure. It has a willow-style blade that catches the attention of trout. When you’re reeling it in, it gives off an attractive profile to the tribes in the water. These lures are popular every trout season. You can expect that they’ll sell out of at the local fishing store quickly. Lucky for you, Amazon is generally well-stocked all year round.

They come in a good variety of sizes and colors. Just remember that you don’t need a rainbow of lures to attract trout. Often with Rooster Tails, simpler is better.

Dardevel Spoons

Sometimes all you need is a perfect and plain spoon. Dardevel spoons are efficient and effective at catching trout. These are for a serious fishing trip. And with blade sizes that get up to over 3 oz they can practically fly when you cast them. Of course, there are also many smaller sizes as well if you were in the market for a smaller trout.

If you’re in the market for a massive lake trout that’s going to turn some heads, this is the lure you want to try.

Wooly Buggers

Some fly fisherman insist that the best trout fishing has to be fly fishing. They will only use their own flies and that’s great. But if you’re buying some, the Wooly Bugger is the way to go. You can trust the quality of Wooly Buggers as they are hand tied by professionals. They can stand up to any other fly on the market. And a lot of handmade ones as well. Just toss it on the water and watch the fish try to resist.

Panther Martin Spinner

Panther Martin is one of the biggest names when it comes to trout lures. If you want an inline spinner, you can’t go wrong with a Panther Martin. You can get a variety of Panther Martin spinners to suit any need these days. All kinds of colours and all kinds of patterns. They even have a variety of unique finishes on the blade.

Many anglers swear by the old school teardrop-shaped spinner. They’re exceptionally well weighted to ensure that they fly a good distance when you cast. Even when you’re using a small size, you can expect it to hit the mark. It also creates a unique sound as the blade spins in the water. If you have a good ear for such things you’ll notice it’s unique to Panther Martin. Is that what makes this lures so effective? Hard to say, but they definitely do work.

A few Panther Martins in your tackle box can bring in fish like rainbow trout, lake trout, and more.

Blue Fox Vibrax

If you’re trout fishing in a lake or a pond, a Blue Fox Vibrax spinner is a great choice. These hefty lures can fly far on a cast. Not good for close-quarters but great to catch trout on a pond, a lake, or a good size river.

The stand out on a Vibrax is the large blade. Its blade has a unique shape that makes it louder than your typical spinner blade which is where it gets its name from. These little guys hum along in the water and just pull in the trout. You don’t need this lure for the tiny guys, you can pull this out if you’re looking for a hefty trout as a trophy fish or a meal.

Acme Phoebe

This simple looking little lure is deceptively effective. The unique spin allows it to create a three-dimensional image of a fish in the water. That makes it effective in almost any kind of water. It’s an enticing lure for trout for that reason.

You can get them in copper, silver, or gold. Each one is effective in its own way. When you’re looking for rainbow trout or brook trout, this is a great lure to choose. Some prefer this to the Acme Kastmaster when it comes to trout fishing.

Berkley Powerbait Grubs

There are those who would scoff at a Berkley Powerbait grub. Especially a big bag of them looking like bubble gum. Seasoned trout fishermen know that there is more to these little grubs than meets the eye. They are simple and very effective for trout fishing.

You can get Berkley Powerbait Grubs in a wide array of colors. When you want to catch trout, keep it neutral and light. White works best, but some trout anglers swear by pink. Many anglers will say these are only good for bass fishing. That usually means they haven’t tried them on trout yet. You can get rainbow trout, lake trout, and brown trout off of these.

Given the price of a bag of these, you can’t go wrong at least giving it a try. These grubs are cost-effective and your best bet for cheaply catching trout.

Acme Little Cleo

Little Cleo spoons come in a variety of colors to keep things interesting. There’s nothing particularly fancy about them. There also doesn’t need to be. These are wider than your average spoon, which sets them apart from the crowd. They have a slight hump in them which makes them unique. In the water, their motion is slow and shaky. This unique movement is what makes the Little Cleo a great choice for trout. Use this to hook rainbow trout or brown trout.

As with any lures, you have a number of size options as well. Acne has been making the Little Cleo lures for over three decades now. They’re the old standby for trout lures. If nothing else Works, definitely give one of these a try. They’re cost-effective and they get the job done.

Things to Remember


Most lures, especially rigs like spoons and spinners, come in a variety of sizes. You need to tailor your lure to the trout you’re trying to catch. If you’re looking for a massive lake trout, you’ll need a smaller lure than you’re going to use to catch a cutthroat.

Size also relates to the weight of the lure. A bigger lure will have more bulk to it. That means you have the potential to cast it further out in a lake or river. You need to be aware of the size and weight to best cast and catch what you’re looking for.


Many spoons and spinners come in a wide array of colors and patterns. Some colours are definitely more effective at catching trout than others. Regardless of what color you think works best, how the paint is applied is important. On some cheap lures the paint job is reflective of the quality. A bad paint job on a lure won’t last long. It can chip and wear off easily. That means you’ll be down to bare metal soon enough.

Check the reviews on any lures you’re interested in buying. Most anglers will make mention of bad paint if it’s a concern with the lure you’re looking at. There’s no sense investing even a couple of dollars and something if it’s not going to last very long.


It’s always good to know what your trout lure is made out of. Some materials last longer than others. Some are more attractive to try out than others. You’ll find lures made out of everything from steel to plastic to balsa wood and rubber. Some lures are manufactured with a chemical attractant right inside the material.

The material of a lure is an important thing to consider. Lures made from soft plastic or balsa wood may not be able to stand up to as much wear-and-tear as metal ones. It’s something you should keep in mind.

These are all things that you should look into before you spend your money on anything.