If you like to regularly fish for bass, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about spinnerbait before. These flashy lures are an excellent choice when fishing for bass for a wide variety of reasons. With so many different makes, colors, and brands on the market, though, determining which pieces of bait are actually going to work can be a bit confusing. That’s why we’re here to help.

If you’re looking to find some of the best spinnerbait available online today, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s learn more about these handy little lures to see what makes them so effective. Then we’ll explore the best spinnerbait products available online today.

Our Spinnerbait Recommendations

These are our top picks for the best spinnerbait available on the market today

Nichols Lures Pulsator Metal Flake Double Willow Spinnerbait

These spinnerbait lures from Nichols Lures are some beautiful, hand-crafted pieces that look great in the water. These lures specifically are designed with some more natural colorings in mind but still feature the glitter and flash that make spinnerbait shine in the water.

These are made of chip-resistant metal and a shiny flake finish, with an extra sharp hook. These baits are available in a wide range of colors, with some even designed to mimic specific fish breeds such as bluegill and baby bass.

War Eagle - Double Willow Nickel Spinnerbait

This spinnerbait from War Eagle is a solid piece of gear. Here you’ll find a well-crafted lure featuring hand-tired skirts, a sharp needle point mustard hook, and nickel-plated piano wire for high levels of vibration. The blades’ flashy chrome nature makes this bright in the water, and its high build quality will withstand a ton of use if this is in your tackle box.

thkfish Spinner Baits Fishing Lures

thkfish Spinner Baits Fishing Lures

$10.99 Amazon 

If you’re looking for variety, why not invest in a set like this one from thkfish. These spinnerbaits are highly effective, all featuring bright, colorful blades that will provide continual flash and vibration. This bait also features a more natural, feather-like tail in bright colorings. These come with a sharp double hook that is great at hooking on to even large bass.

BOOYAH Pond Magic Small-Water Spinner-Bait Bass Fishing Lure

Booyah Bait Co. has some solid, dependable lures in their arsenal, and this spinnerbait is no exception. These eye-catching lures have matching blades and jig heads that come in a variety of flashy colors. The color and blade combo here is designed to work best in smaller waters. Reviewers agree that this is an excellent lure for bass fishing, and its durable design can last for many seasons.

Strike King Finesse KVD Spinnerbait

If you want something flashy yet natural, we suggest this lure from Strike King. Here you’ll find a spinnerbait that comes in more naturalistic colors but still features some shine and chrome blades that can create the flash spinnerbait are known for.

These also have a smaller, redesigned Magic Tail and are designed as being perfect for all-around fishing. Hall-of-Fame angler Kevin VanDam has this lure as a part of his arsenal, speaking to just how highly effective this lure can be.

Fishing Lure Spinnerbait Kit Set

Fishing Lure Spinnerbait Kit Set


This spinnerbait kit is a great addition to any tackle box! Here you’ll find a five-piece spinnerbait set that features some excellent, bright lures. Two of these bait feature bright skirts, and three do not, meaning you can get them as custom as you’d need to, or take a go at fishing without the skirt!

This kit comes with a convenient carrying case, as well as 100M of high quality braided fishing line. This highly sensitive line will pair well with this bait, providing the optimal vibration needed to attract bass.

Shaddock Fishing - Fishing Spinnerbait Lures

This spinnerbait set from Shaddock Fishing comes with 10 colorful spinnerbait lures. These lures feature a unique 360-degree rotating windmill blade at the top of the lure, providing even better vibration than traditional standalone blades.

These lures are made of high-quality steel wire, with 3D realistic jig heads and flashy rubber skirts. With the different lures to choose from, you’ll always have a great choice no matter what time of day or what kind of waters you’re fishing within.

What Is Spinnerbait?

Let’s start with breaking down exactly what spinnerbait is and the characteristics that set it apart from other kinds of bait.

A spinnerbait is a lure with a wire that’s bent 90 degrees, with a blade on one end and a jig head on the other. The jig head on a spinnerbait is typically a flashy little fish with reflective colorings and is fitted with a fluttery skirt made of some kind of rubber. The blade is a small metal piece that works to reflect light in the water and rotate while in motion.

The blade and/or the jig head on spinnerbait are designed to spin and flutter while being pulled through the water. This means that while reeling it in, fish in the water will see a fluttery, quick-moving jig and the small rotating blade that flashes and reflects light through the water while in motion.

These baits are pretty flashy and fancy and not at all-natural looking. You might assume that these baits wouldn’t work or scare fish off with their unnatural appearance, but their movement style and flashiness in the water have the opposite effect. These baits have been a hard-working favorite among fishermen for years and are particularly well-loved for bass fishing.


What to Know Before You Buy

Before you invest in your spinnerbait, here are some good-to-know tips to help you select something that will work for you.

Different Blade Types

While all spinnerbait have similar characteristics, they all feature different coloring’s, jig head styles, and most importantly, blades. Paying attention to the blade is especially important, as its shape and weight will affect both the depth your lure is capable of achieving, as well as how fast you can retrieve it.

A spinnerbait blade’s typical weight is around half an ounce, though some models will come heavier or even feature multiple blades. If you’re looking to achieve a higher running depth, this heavyweight may be in your favor, otherwise, try to keep it light.

The blade on a spinnerbait also works to put vibrations into the water as they move, which attracts the attention of bass who pick it up on their lateral line. Different shapes can put out more or less vibration, increasing the distance at which a bass may feel the vibration.

There are three types of spinnerbait blades: Willow, Cortado, and Indiana. Willow is a longer, skinnier blade and can cut through water fast for fast active fish in deeper waters. Colorado is the slowest, with a wider, rounder shape, better for fishing in shallow waters with less weight. Indiana is in the middle, a nice oval shape, and is ideal for fishing in varying water depths.

Add a Trailer Hook

One of the frequent customizations people make to their spinnerbait is attaching a secondary trailer hook. By attaching an additional hook to the end of your lure, you’ll have a higher chance of getting a bite that hooks. Bass can sometimes miss out on catching these fast-moving hooks, so this will give them a better chance to latch on.

Go Bright!

As we touched on above, you might assume the bright colorings on spinnerbait would make them unnatural in the water, but they actually have the opposite effect. The bright coloring on your spinnerbait will help it be extremely noticeable to fish in the water. This is especially useful when fishing somewhere with great depths or somewhere pretty murky.

Keep the coloring in mind when selecting your bait. If you’re fishing somewhere murkier, you’ll want to go as bright as you can or for something shiny/chrome to really catch a fish’s eye.