Each piece of diving equipment is important in its own way, and the scuba mask is one of those pieces of equipment. Your scuba dive mask will be your window to the underwater world. It will need to be clear, clean, and safe for it to be useful.

Scuba masks will have different features and require different specifications than a snorkel mask, so it important to know the difference between the two and what these features and specifications consist of.

First, we will go over the best scuba masks available today. This will lead to the best scuba mask buying guide that will have everything you need to know about scuba masks.

1. Cressi F1 Frameless Scuba Diving Mask

Cressi F1 Frameless Scuba Diving Mask

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Cressi is one of the leading dive companies on the market today, so it is no surprise that the frameless Cressi F1 scuba diving mask is first on our list.

Frameless scuba masks are extremely popular because they are comfortable, convenient, and easy to store. They can be easily folded to quick and simple storage. The frameless design has a silicone skirt that effectively adheres to your face. The silicone skirt is connected to a single tempered glass lens.

The silicone skirt encloses both the nose and eyes of the face but leaves the mouth exposed. This allows you to easily access a trimix tank. The silicone skirt is extremely leak-proof and simple to clear when underwater. The attached ratcheting-buckle strap is molded directly into the skirt to provide a secure fit as it is worn.


● Easy to clear
● Frameless
● Comfortable
● Leak-proof
● 2-year limited warranty


● Fogs easily
● No peripheral vision

2. XS Scuba One Window Cortez Mask

XS Scuba One Window Cortez Mask

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The XS Scuba Cortez mask comes in blue or black and features a large tempered glass lens with a crystal silicone skirt. The silicone skirt is attached to adjustable ratchet straps that keep the scuba mask in place securely and comfortably. The skirt is wider at the top and narrower at the bottom to provide a natural and comfortable feel.

One of the best features of the XS Scuba Cortez mask is its design to fit larger faces. The adjustable strap is especially long, which allows divers with larger faces to have a comfortable diving experience while wearing this mask. The pocket of the nose is also larger than the competition, which is another feature that makes this scuba mask comfortable and effective for a scuba diver that needs a little extra room.


● Comfortable
● Great fit for large faces
● Excellent visibility
● Long strap


● Not recommended for children or small-framed faces

3. TUSA M-1003 Freedom Elite Scuba Mask

TUSA M-1003 Freedom Elite Scuba Mask

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The TUSA M-1003 Freedom Elite scuba mask has a dimpled silicone skirt around the cheekbones and forehead of the scuba mask to keep it securely in place while providing a comfortable feel. The dimples make the skirt flexible, which allows it to fluidly contour to your face to prevent leakage.

There is a line of reinforced stability ridges to minimize the compression of the silicone skirt when the mask becomes pressurized. This is an additional layer of leak protection the scuba mask has to offer.

The buckle system rotates 180° to ensure the mask fits securely and comfortably as possible without causing leaks or discomfort, and it is designed with a quick-adjust system that makes the mask easily adjustable.

The 3D mask strap is different from most of the competition in that it has a 3D design that fits comfortably and snugly against the back of the head. There are five different positions the strap can be placed in. This means that virtually any head shape or size can wear the M-1003 scuba mask comfortably and safely.


● Freedom technology makes the mask comfortable and leak-proof
● Multiple colors to choose from
● 3D mask strap that can be positioned to fit heads of all sizes
● Comfortable



● Not a very wide lens; not a lot of peripheral vision

4. Mares X-VU Sunrise Mask

Mares X-VU Sunrise Mask

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The Mares X-VU Sunrise mask has wide, teardrop lenses that are corrective lens compatible. This means you can replace the lenses with prescription lenses for you to easily see as you wear the mask.

The tricomfort technology makes the scuba mask one of the most comfortable available today that won’t leave you with harsh lines indented into your face when you are finished. There is a ribbed nose pocket that creates a space between your nose and the mask for extra comfort.

The bi-silicone strap is comfortable on the head and helps hold the mask securely in place as you dive. Between the design of the strap and the mask, the Mares X-VU Sunrise mask easily fits faces of all sizes.


● Wide, teardrop lenses that are prescription compatible
● Comfortable
● Designed for wide faces


● Leaking and fogging may occur

5. Aqua Lung Favola Double Lens Dive Mask

Aqua Lung Favola Double Lens Dive Mask

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One of the best scuba masks on the market for women is the Aqua Lung Favola double teardrop lens dive mask. The design of the mask makes it ideal for women because it has a narrow design that keeps water from leaking into the mask from the sides and the temple. The lens is shatterproof, tempered glass that makes the lens durable and reliable while scuba diving.

The double lens design allows for less internal volume to be stored in the lens. This reduces buoyancy and allows the lenses to be more easily cleared underwater.

There are two joint buckles on each side of the scuba mask. This allows the strap to be placed into different positions to fit the head comfortably in the most secure position.

The skirt is made of high-grade silicone to create a firm and comfortable seal around the face to prevent water from entering as you dive.


● Comfortable
● Leak-free
● Narrow design; ideal for women
● Wide view range; a great option for peripheral vision


● Pricey

6. SeaDive Eagle Eye Rayblocker HD Mask with Purge

SeaDive Eagle Eye Rayblocker HD Mask with Purge

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The SeaDive Eagle Eye Rayblocker HD is known best for its included purge valve that is built into the tempered glass scuba mask. When fog builds up inside the mask, it will need to be cleared, and the built-in purge valve does just that. Instead of performing a traditional mask clear to remove the fog, you will simply exhale through your nose to clear the mask.

The tempered glass wide lens is reflective and anti-glare, which gives you a clear and full view while scuba diving. The anti-glare and reflective coating do not impair your vision or refrain light from entering the mask. The coating inside the mask is also anti-fog, which will significantly reduce the amount of fog that builds up inside the mask.

Included with the SeaDive Eagle Eye Rayblocker HD is a plastic box with a lid so that you can safely store the scuba mask when it is not in use.


● Purge valve for easy clearing
● Wide anti-glare and reflective tempered glass lens
● Large viewing window
● Box with lid included


● Purge valve in the nosepiece may become uncomfortable

7. Aqua Lung Atlantis Single Lens Dive Mask

Aqua Lung Atlantis Single Lens Dive Mask

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Scuba diving will require using a scuba mask that will be comfortable in pressurized and saturated conditions, and that is exactly what the Aqua Lung Atlantis single lens mask provides. It is a high volume single lens that makes scuba diving comfortable for long, pressurized conditions.

When pressure builds, the high volume allows the mask to remain comfortable against your face. If the pressure needs to be released or adjusted, you should exhale slightly out of your nose to release the squeeze of the pressure of the mask.

The skirt of the scuba mask is black silicone that securely seals against the face to create a leak-free seal between the scuba mask and the face.

The single-lens gives you a wide viewpoint when wearing while diving. This increases your peripheral vision when wearing the mask scuba diving, allowing you to have a broader viewpoint through the mask without moving your head as much.


● Great peripheral vision
● Does not leak
● Clear lens
● Silicon skirt comfortable and leak-proof


● No protective case included
● No prescription lens compatibility

8. Hollis M1 Frameless Scuba Diving Mask

Hollis M1 Frameless Scuba Diving Mask

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The Hollis M1 frameless scuba diving mask is pricey but worth it. The mask is frameless, which means that it can be easily folded and packed for traveling. If you’re planning on scuba diving while on an excursion or vacation, this frameless scuba diving mask by Hollis is perfect.

The large wide-vision lens is made from Saint-Gobain Diamant extra-clear glass to give you an extra-transparent, clean view while scuba diving. The wide lens gives you a large viewpoint with peripheral vision that doesn’t require a lot of head movement to be able to see.

The dry-top snorkel built into the mask prevents water from entering the mask when it is submerged. The lens is low-volume, which makes it less buoyant than medium and high-volume masks, allowing you to dive quickly without being slowed down.

The last feature that makes the Hollis M1 frameless scuba diving mask one of the best on the market is the large exhaust purge valve that is located at the bottom of the mask. The purge valve allows you to quickly and easily clear the lens if it becomes fogged.


● Frameless
● Purge valve
● Large, wide, and clear lens
● Low volume for fast diving


● Pricey

How to Choose the Best Scuba Mask

Many features should be considered when choosing the best scuba mask. It is important to understand why these features are important and should be considered when making your decision. We will discuss the fit, skirt, frame, volume, lens type, prescription compatibility, and purge valve.


The fit of the scuba mask is one of the most important features you should consider. A scuba mask that does not fit correctly can be both dangerous and ineffective. Your scuba dive can quickly shift from enjoyable to deadly if the scuba mask does not fit correctly.

First, the mask will have to seal properly so that water does not leak into the mask. However, the mask should not be sealed so tightly that it is uncomfortable or painful while diving, as this can cause you to struggle during the dive. The mask should comfortably fit and seal around your face for it to be a correct fit.

The best method for finding a scuba mask that fits correctly will come from a simple fitting. If possible, you can test how a scuba mask will fit by placing it over your face and evaluating where the skirt of the mask settles.

If the mask is too big, the skirt will pass your hairline. If the mask is too small, the lens will touch your nose or forehead. A mask that is too big will leak, and a mask that is too small will be painful.

Finding a mask with a skirt that fits your face correctly will ensure it will remain leak-free while not being too tight.

If you are unable to try on a mask before purchasing it, you can take a simple measurement that will tell you the size of the mask you should buy. Measure the distance from the top of the nose to the bottom of the chin.

  • Extra small mask = 3.9 inches or less
  • Small/medium mask = 3.9 inches to 4.7 inches
  • Large/extra-large mask = 4.7 inches or greater

Skirt Material

The material of the mask skirt can mean the difference in having a leak-free mask and a mask that leaks.

The best material to provide maximum comfort and to prevent leaking is silicone. Silicone is pliable, comfortable, and creates an airtight seal that keeps water from entering when pressed against the face.

A rubber skirt will also seal against the face, but it is not as pliable or sealable as silicone. Rubber can also quickly deteriorate, especially in harsh sand and saltwater conditions. This can cause the skirt to leak water into the mask.


The scuba mask can be framed or frameless.

A framed scuba mask will have a plastic frame that encompasses the lens(es) of the mask. The lens(es) and skirt are sealed within the plastic frame. The plastic frame cannot be moved, folded, or bent; otherwise, the scuba mask could break.

A frameless scuba mask is made of silicone, and the skirt is attached directly into the glass lens. Frameless scuba masks can be easily folded or bent for convenient storage or packing.

Both framed and frameless scuba masks have advantages and disadvantages.

Framed scuba masks will be able to accommodate prescription lenses. Framed masks are typically more durable, more affordable, and are overall more resolute.

The downside to framed scuba masks lies mostly in the heaviness of the frame. When pressurized, the frame of the scuba mask can become painful as it is worn.

Frameless scuba masks will have a wider viewpoint through the large lens window. Frameless scuba masks are typically less likely to leak and more comfortable to wear. Frameless scuba masks are ideal for traveling as they can be easily packed.

The downside to frameless scuba masks is that they are more expensive and cannot accommodate prescription lenses.


The volume of scuba masks is defined by the amount of air space inside the mask.

Low volume means there will be less air space in the mask, whereas high volume means there will be more air space in the mask. Medium volume means there will be a medium amount of air space in the mask. This is important because this will tell you how much air will be in the mask as you dive, which can affect the speed at which you will be diving.

Low volume masks will have less air space, making them less buoyant. This means they can quickly travel underwater without resistance or much buoyancy. Low volume masks are designed to be quickly and easily cleared when fogged.

High volume masks will have more air space in the mask, making them more buoyant. However, more than that is the high volume is recommended for saturated, deep diving where water pressure becomes intense. High volume masks will give you a larger field of vision, which is ideal for saturated diving.

Choosing a low volume mask or a high volume mask will depend on the type of diving you will be doing. Freediving and diving in shallow waters are best for low volume masks. Low volume masks will allow you to travel quickly without much resistance while also letting you easily clear the mask should it become fogged.

Saturation diving in high-pressure conditions is best when using a high volume scuba mask. The high volume scuba mask is more comfortable under high-pressure conditions. Water is less likely to enter the mask through leaks, which is extremely beneficial when saturation diving.

Lens Type

The lens of the scuba mask can be one large window or two individual lenses. The lens type you choose may depend on if you want prescription lenses to replace the standard lenses, or if the frame will allow there to be two separate lenses.

For example, frameless scuba masks will have one large window and not two individual lenses. This means the frameless scuba mask you choose will only have the option for one large viewing window. Therefore, if you want a frameless scuba mask but two individual lenses, you will likely have to forego one or the other.

On the other hand, if you want a scuba mask to have one window lens but would like to have the window lens upgraded to a prescription, you will have to switch to a two-lens frame, as one lens will be unable to upgrade to a prescription.

Purge Valve

A purge valve is a mechanism that is built into the nosepiece of the scuba mask that allows you to clear water and fog from the mask when you exhale through your nose. Purge valves are recommended by divers who are using a high volume mask and cannot easily clear it.

To use the purge valve, simply exhale into the scuba mask through your nose. This will force the water out of the mask and clear it without using your hands to move the mask to clear the water.

Clearing the water from the mask without a purge valve will require you to tilt your head upwards to clear the water from the mask. With a purge mask, you don’t have to worry about positioning your head in a way that will allow the water to escape. Instead, you will simply exhale through your nose to have the water expelled from the mask.

How to Care for Your Scuba Mask

After each dive, you should clean your scuba mask with warm fresh water, no hotter than 120°F, with gentle soap and a soft cloth. Salt crystals within the saltwater will be removed from the mask when using warm water, gentle soap, and a soft cloth. Saltwater that is not effectively removed can corrode and deteriorate the overall condition of the mask, including the mask skirt, straps, and lens of the mask.

Once the mask has been cleaned, rinse it with warm fresh water to eliminate all soapy residue. Dry the mask completely with a towel before storing the mask in a dry storage bag or case.

Make sure the case or bag is not stored in direct sunlight, as this can quickly cause the material of the mask to deteriorate. The lens should be placed face up so that scratching does not occur. If your mask can be disassembled, we recommend disassembling the mask to ensure each component of the scuba mask is stored appropriately.

For example, if the straps can detach from the mask, we recommend removing the straps from the mask and placing them in a separate bag for storage.

Adequately cleaning and storing your scuba mask will preserve its condition and expand its overall lifespan.


The scuba masks we have included are the best available on the market today. While the personalized features may vary between these models, the most important feature the scuba mask must possess is the right fit. Make sure you measure your face correctly from the top of your nose to the bottom of your chin to ensure you purchase the right size scuba mask for you.