When it comes to comfort and versatility in the warm weather, it’s hard to beat sandals. You can have the option of simple slides or flip flops but they’re not really the same. The support and comfort of a sandal is what makes them a standout. The best men’s sandals are going to look good while also standing up to some abuse. And, of course, you need them to feel open and breathable. Let’s take a look at the best sandals for men you can find today.

Keen Newport H2 Sandal

Keen’s Newport H2 sandal may be the best men’s sandal on the market. The design is 100% polyester. That means it’s rugged and odor resistant. The rubber sole provides extra traction and comfort. It’s also incredibly easy to clean. You can actually toss them in the washing machine. When they come out, they’re as good as new.

The sandal uses adjustable bungee-style cords to ensure a premium fit. The company is nice enough to actually tell you ahead of time to adjust your size expectations. If you have bought sandals in the past, you know sizes can be funny. Many times sandal sizes don’t match shoe sizes. Keen warns right off that you probably want a half size larger than you’re used to.

Tired of stubbing your toe in sandals? The Newport H2 closes the toe off for protection. The design still lets your toes breathe. There’s metatarsal support and a pull strap too. The midsole is EVA so your feet are supported and comfy with every step.

Jousen Beach Sandal

$39.99 Amazon 

Made of 100% leather, Jousen beach sandals are stylish and affordable. They come in a variety of styles and colors to meet your needs as well. The straps are padded and the liner is pretty plush. That makes them comfortable to wear even over rocky beaches. Unlike some sandals, the straps shouldn’t irritate you after extended walks. For the price, these are the perfect pair. Use them for beach days under your tent or a trip to the grocery store.

Thanks to ample ventilation, your feet aren’t likely to get overheated here. That will cut down on any funky odors in the long run. Plus they’re sweatproof, for added protection. The straps affix with Velcro, so make sure you tighten them properly. Like any Velcro, there’s a chance they’ll slip loose if it’s not affixed correctly.

The arch support in the sandal feels natural and comfortable. Along with the non-slip sole, you feel well supported wearing it.

One word of caution when it comes to sizing. The company says they use US sizes, but that seems sketchy. Try a size larger than normal to ensure the most comfortable fit.

Dockers Fisherman Men’s Sandal

$34.91 Amazon 

Dockers puts the effort into their sandals and you can feel it. There are plenty of styles to choose from but the Fisherman’s men’s sandal is our best overall. The memory foam liner takes comfort to another level. There’s also what they call a Fusion Footbed to add another level of support and comfort.

The materials look leather but it’s actually synthetic. Some might think this is a bad thing but it’s actually remarkably durable. It also resists odors and stains, so in the long run you have a better looking sandal.

The closures are Velcro and they have the length to ensure you can really adjust it well. The sizing may be a little off on these which you’ll find is common for many sandals. In this case, Dockers lean towards larger sizes. If you just barely wear a 12 normal, try an 11 here.

On the upside, these sandals tend to fit wide feet very well. The material is durable enough to last years of heavy use. You can comfortably walk the beach or even hike in these.

Hoka One Ora Recovery Men’s Sandal

If you like sleek slides and sandals why not get both? The Ora Recovery flip flops are great for casual beach wear. The Ora Recovery sandals are just as good. The design is simple and efficient. They may not look like much but they make up for it in comfort. With an oversized midsole, these are the sandals you put on after getting out of your other sandals. That’s on purpose as well. They call these recovery sandals for a reason. If you have any chronic or acute foot pain, these are a lifesaver. Just lean back in your beach chair and relax.

The construction is much stronger than you might think. The design is meant to facilitate any foot issues you have. Slide in and out with each to prevent any additional pain. The soles are well cushioned and supportive.

Pay attention to sizing here again. Some people have said they size these too large. We found the size to be right on the money, but it’s worth looking into just to make sure. If you have serious foot pain or are recovering from an injury, these sandals are amazing.

ECCO Offroad Men’s Sandals

If you plan to leave the beach behind, the ECCO Offroad men’s sandal is a great choice. The midsole of these sport sandals is directly injected with polyurethane. What that means for you is unprecedented support and comfort on any surface. They call it Receptor technology but what it means is you can hike uneven terrain. Rocks, hills, twigs and debris, you can stomp them all.

The sole is rubber while the uppers are nubuck. The result is a stylish sandal that can handle a lot of wear and tear. There’s a microfiber lining and EVA foam to give you the comfort you need while you’re out hiking.

Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

For some timeless sandals and a name you can trust, check out the Birkenstock Arizona sandals. These are what old school sandals are all apart. Simple, elegant and comfortable. Made of Birko-Flor, a fleece-lined PVC material, the sole is made of cork over EVA and the exterior sole is rubber. It offers a good grip and comfort plus a lot of style.

A good pair of Birkenstocks will live up to their reputation. Be aware that you need to wear these sandals in. Right out of the box they are going to be a little rigid and stiff. But if you wear them for a while they should adjust nicely to your foot. That cork sole is the key and it becomes almost form fitting after a while. The longer you wear them, the better they fit and the softer they feel.

One thing you do need to keep an eye on is that cork. It can absorb muck if you’re not careful and you may end up with a sandal that smells awful. Keep them clean and you should be fine, though. The other thing is make sure you’re getting real Birkenstocks. There are a lot of fakes on the market. And watch descriptions. Amazon says these are 100% leather uppers, but that’s not true. The uppers are synthetic like we mentioned above.

Deer Stag Dress Huarache Men’s Sandals

If you are unfamiliar with huarache sandals, it’s time to check them out. These are 100% designed for style. Often, sandals are very informal. The huarache sandal is meant to be worn by a man looking to impress. This is less drinking beer by the pool and more drinking champagne on the yacht. In some ways they’re the opposite of flip flops as a result. This is the fashion world version of a sandal

These stylish sandals are 100% buffalo leather with rubber soles. The woven look makes them appear like a shoe but has the breathability of a sandal. Even in an office setting, these are perfect. Definitely the best men’s sandals for keeping yourself professional. They go with dress pants or swim trunks for perfect summer style. And they are comfortable sandals, as well.

Like other sandals, these feature straps you can adjust. The Velcro closure ensures a solid fit. That said, you may need to adjust sizes. Many sandals run on the small side. These have the opposite problem. They can feel a little loose even when adjusted. Try going down a half size and see how they fit. They should do much better at that size.

Teva Universal Men’s Sandal

If you like the freedom of a flip flop but want a little more security, check out Teva. The EVA cushioned sole is held on with a few simple straps. It’s an efficient and low key design. The result is maximum comfort and breathability. It’s about as close as you’ll get to bare feet while still wearing a sandal.

The sandal has a zinc-based formula applied to cut back on odors. Multiple Velcro straps help keep it adjusted and in place where you want it. The quick drying webbing straps are also made from recycled materials. The soles have good traction even in wet conditions and are incredibly comfortable.

Because of how they’re made, Teva sandals resist dirt and odors. After a good wash, they’ll look brand new even a year later. Go catch a catfish in these with no worries. And they’re tough as well. Just make sure you adjust the straps properly to avoid any irritation. Also, you may want to go a half size up from what you normally wear. It’s best to try a pair on first, just in case.

Picking the Best Men’s Sandals

The world of sandals has come a long way over the years. There are a few things you should always keep in mind, though. Choosing the best sandals doesn’t have to be a chore. Especially if you shop with an eye to these factors.


Poor quality sandals can fall apart quickly. Exposure to dirt and water and sweat can be damaging. You want to look for materials that are high quality. Ones that can stand up to abuse but also feel comfortable.

A high quality leather sandal is tough and looks great. But you do need to take care of them. They can get scuffed or smelly if you’re not careful. Often, tough soles made of rubber are best. The uppers can be made of leather for strength and to be fashionable.

Inside you want a cushioned foam footbed. A cushioned footbed is essential for a comfortable sandal.

Adjustable Straps vs Stationary

Some sandals, especially those that are designed like slides, are not adjustable. These are often closer in function to flip flops. We recommend a solid, adjustable strap. Adjustable straps will always ensure a better fit. They’re not as fast to use, but they can be more comfortable.

On the other hand, if you’re in a hurry, a slide type sandal may be just the thing. It really depends on your needs. If you’re just going to the yard, then faster is probably better. If you plan on doing some walking along the beach, choose adjustable straps.

Flip Flops Vs Sandals

We’ve focused only on sandals here. Flip flops are often lumped together with sandals, but they are different. Flip flops are a much more casual type of footwear. As we saw, there are actually dress sandals you can buy. These are more stylish and formal. A flip flop is really for when you’re relaxing beach side or pool side. There’s plenty of crossover, too. But sandals also tend to be sturdier and more reliable. If you’re looking for a more fashionable piece of footwear, sandals are what you want. They’re more durable and can offer a much better fit.