Choosing the best pair of flip flops does not have to be a hard job. Just remember what you need your flip flops for. Whether you’re on the boat, by the pool, or fishing, they’re going to get wet. You want flip flops that will be comfortable but resilient. If they get wet, you don’t want them to get slimy or smelly as a result. The best flip flops won’t absorb any water. But at the same time, they will still be comfortable. You want them to feel light on your feet, but not so light that can’t protect you from rocks and debris. You also need them to be breathable so your feet won’t get sweaty. You want good arch support. And a good sole, like a rubber sole or some other strong material. Remember, these aren’t beach shoes you’re looking for.

Choosing the best flip flops that look good is also important. There are many flip flops that you could buy that may not look great. You need to strike a balance between form and function. Let’s take a look at some of the best flip flops on the market today.

Olukai Hokua Flip Flop

Make no mistake, the Olukai Hokua flip flop is not value brand footwear. You definitely have to pay a little more so this one. But that money is all well spent. This may be the most comfortable pair of flip flops you’re ever going to wear. And the most well-made. You can put this flip flop to heavy use for months, and it will still be as comfortable and stylish as ever.

This is not a light sandal or flip flop. There’s some bulk to it, but that’s because of the high quality construction. The grip is as good as any hiking shoe. The durability is exceptional. The arch support and traction are second to none. This really does put any other flip flop you’ll try to shame. The trade-off is that it’s definitely an investment. If you don’t want to put a lot of money into a flip flop, this won’t be a good idea. Not everyone thinks flip flops should cost so much, but you need to remember quality. However, if you look at your footwear as an investment, then this is the best flip flop you’ll find.

Teva Men’s Pajaro Flip Flop

Teva’s Pajaro Flip flops may be the most comfortable flip flops you will ever wear. They feature exceptional arch support and a band that doesn’t grate, scrape, or feel too tight. They’re made with genuine leather and fabric blends for an appealing texture. Not to mention durability and style. The rubber sole is comfortable and provides great traction. The inside is non-slip so even if your feet get wet these flip flops won’t get away from you.

Reef Phantom Flip Flop

The Reef Phantom flip flop is the best budget friendly choice out there. These flip flops are well-made and durable. They look stylish and are made from quality materials. No one will think you picked these up at some cheap Dollar Store. The footbed is ergonomically contoured for maximum comfort. The uppers are made from mesh and nubuck. The foam midsole is exceedingly comfortable. The outsole is made from durable rubber. You get quality comfort, arch support and traction from this flip flop. All that at a great price, too. Best of all, you can wade out into the water in these without damaging them. These are some of the best flip flops to the budget shopper.

Reef Men’s Fanning Flip Flop

The Reef Fanning flip flops balances comfort and durability. The traction and grip on a slippery boat deck or by the waterfront is outstanding. The synthetic material is comfortable and seems high quality. It’s also lighter than you might think from looking at it. They feature ergonomic straps and even a bottle opener hidden in the sole. There’s a lot to like about this flip flop. On top of everything else, they feel good and will stand the test of time. The arch support is top quality. You can wear these around the house or for a day on the beach. They’re definitely some of the most comfortable flip flops around.

Gubarun Men’s Sport Flip Flop

Available in 9 different styles, there is a Gubarun flip flop fit for any occasion. The sole features thick cushioning and exceptional traction. You can stand by the shore fishing, or go for a hike in the woods just as easily. With great arch support and materials, you can wear these all day without feeling tired.

Both durable and fashionable, these flip flops can stand up to a lot. If they get wet, you’re not going to sacrifice any grip either.

Crocs Crocband Flip Flops

The name Crocs is synonymous with summer footwear. Usually it’s not considered high quality however. But in recent years, Crocs have really stepped up their game. The Crocs Crocband flip flops are higher quality than you might think. And, they don’t look like Crocs. You can get these in over 20 different styles. They feature a foam cushion that has excellent traction.

These are incredibly lightweight. They’re made from a patented non-rubber foam resin. They’re both soft and flexible yet at the same time durable. They’re also very easy to clean and maintain. If you want a sporty looking flip flop at an affordable price, this may be the best choice.

Quicksilver Molokai Flip Flops

The Quicksilver Molokai flip flops are deceptively comfortable. They might look like a cheaper pair, but the proof is in wearing them. The rubber upper does not grate against your toes the way some flip flops do. The slip resistant footbed keeps you securely in place. The soft foam is also remarkably durable and comfortable on your feet. You can do a lot of walking in these with a risk of calluses or sore feet. It’s also available in a decent range of different colors to fit your style needs.

Unlike some flip flops, the foam soul will contour to your feet. That makes it extra comfortable and sturdy. Even when it’s wet you won’t slip around inside. There are also multi-angle lugs to give your flip flop extra traction outside.

Fitory Men’s Flip Flop

Fitory flip flops are incredibly popular. They are one of’s best sellers. That’s because they look stylish and feel comfortable on your feet. They are very durable but also hold up to a lot of wear and tear. They’re good for the beach, the boat, or anywhere else you might want to wear flip flops. They feature a canvas strap on top that is incredibly durable. The rubber bottom soles have excellent traction. They’re also very easy to clean should anything get on them.

They come in several different colors if you’re looking for a specific look. When you’re trying to balance comfort, style, and performance, this pair may be the best choice.

Adidas Superstar 3D Slides

When style is king, then the Adidas Superstar 3D slide flip flops are your best bet. They are incredibly comfortable and perfect for a day by the pool or on the boat. The synthetic fabric lining is extra comfortable and soft. The uppers feature an adjustable Velcro pull tab to ensure the perfect fit. The soles are made with an injected EVA foam. They’re waterproof and durable. The midsole is made from Fitfoam while the footbed is contoured to ensure a comfortable step. It will adapt to the shape of your feet like it was custom-made for you.

If you want to be as comfortable as you can be while looking cool these are the best flip flops for you.

Things to Remember

If you want to make sure you get the best flip flops, you need to dig a little deeper than just the way it looks. Style is always important, but there are some other considerations you need to keep in mind. Some people just want flip flops for sitting around on the beach. But if you plan to do any serious activity, then you need to ensure quality. As well, if you’re going to be on the boat or fishing, you need to know how they handle water. You need to consider whether you are expecting these to last you for many years to come. Ultimately, if a cheap pair of that breaks after season is okay with you then maybe that’s the direction to look.

When you’re looking for the best flip flops, you need to keep these things in mind.


The way the best flip flops fits is not the same as a shoe. These are much looser than shoes and they’re meant to be that way. For that reason you may need to be careful choosing the right size. Depending on the brand you may need to go with something that is a little larger than your normal shoe size. And there are some instances when you may need to choose one that is smaller than your normal shoe size. This can all be affected by how the flip flop stays on your feet. Somehow straps to hold them on a little better. Some just rely on the way your toe fits inside.


Flip flops can come in a vast array of materials. The best ones need to balance comfort and durability. You want it to be soft, but you don’t want it to fall apart. They need to be durable enough to handle rough terrain. But you don’t want them giving you blisters either. Look for something like a strong rubber outsole. A foot bed that is made of some kind of foam like EVA is the best choice. The uppers can be made of all manner of materials. Some high-quality flip flops will use leather. Others will use mesh or synthetic leather. Nylon is also something you will come across often as well.


Just like with a good pair of shoes, your flip flops need to have the proper padding. If you plan to do any walking in these you don’t want to develop a blister. Cheap flip flops are often made with just foam bottoms. They’re soft enough, but not appropriate for walking. You want it to be firm but not too hard. Flip flops aren’t made for hiking, but you still can be on your feet for a long time. This goes hand-in-hand with the materials issue. Even the best material will not make a men’s flip flop comfortable if the padding isn’t there. The best flip flops will have padding that contours to your foot and make it feel like it was custom-made.

Strength and Stability

Because of the way flip flops are designed they are often not very strong. They’re open and often only a single strap between your toes holds them in place. No doubt you’ve suffered the loss of a pair of flip-flops because they weren’t stable enough to stay together. Cheap ones will bend and break right in the middle of the sole. As well, that strap between your toes can pull free on lower quality flip-flops.

The best flip flop for men will have stability in mind. They will be adjustable so they can be held to your foot more securely. This is not the kind of thing you’ll notice often if you’re just sitting on the beach. However, when you’re walking for long periods of time, this becomes very noticeable. If you plan to do any kind of walking and hiking in a flip flop, you absolutely need a strong pair.


For some people footwear is very utilitarian. It doesn’t matter what it looks like so long as it works. For flip flops, you could certainly find a pair that are functional but not stylish. You can also find many that are stylish but not functional. There are a remarkable range of looks. They can go from very cheap looking to extremely stylish. It all depends on what you plan on doing with your flip-flops. If you’re just fishing by yourself at the river side, then maybe you don’t care what they look like. But if you’re on the boat, or hanging out at the marina, you might want to up your style game a little bit.

The Bottom Line

The best flip flops out there will be mostly unnoticeable when you have them on. You don’t want to feel like you have a show on. Flip flops are doing their job if they keep you from stepping on rocks. Or uncomfortable things on the ground. They’re not meant for long walks or running. So comfort and durability is important. Style is as important in flip flops as you want it to be. Choose your flip flops based on what you need them for. What is best for you may be expensive or affordable. They may have strong arch support. And a tough rubber sole. The best flip flops are the ones that do what you need them to do. Nothing more and nothing less.