As much fun as fishing is, cleaning your fish afterwards is not everyone’s favorite hobby. It takes time and effort and gets messy. The last time you have to spend cleaning your fish, the more times you can spend fishing. That’s why an electric fillet knife is going to be your best bet for cleaning fish. The best electric fillet knife will save you time and effort.

Removing the skin and meat takes only minutes. This can really reduce the strain on your wrists so that everything can get done quickly. A quality fillet knife can make this easier. But a good electric fillet knife also makes less waste. The better you are at trimming meat off the bones, the more meat you get to save.

American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Fillet Knife Sportsmen's Kit

When you need the best electric fillet knife, the American Angler is a great choice. It boasts a motor with twice the torque of similar heavy duty electric fillet knives. That means you can make short work of even the bulkiest fish. Everything from salmon to grouper to catfish can be taken apart with ease. There are few electric filleting knives that can offer equal power. American Angler Pro is all about heavy duty electric power.

The knife comes with five different stainless steel blades. There’s also a stainless steel mesh glove for added safety. The knife grip is solid when dry or when your hands are wet. As a result, you don’t have to endure any accidental slips and cuts even in the middle of a messy job. You can also machine wash the knife afterwards.

The blades are flexible to prevent catching and pulling. That means you don’t have to worry about those snapping easily. The motor also stays cool because of a built-in air flow design. Even after extensive use, it won’t overheat. This could be a problem with cheaper electric knives.

Two reciprocating blades ensure precise action for filleting fish. As an added bonus, the steel blades are universal. That means if you have other American Angler Pro electric knives, you can swap the blades between them. For all of these reasons, this stands out as the best electric filleting knife on the market.


Multiple stainless steel blades
Safety glove
Exceptional motor power


Despite claims, motor does overheat after extensive use
Not the most ergonomic handle for an electric knife

Rapala Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife

The Rapala Deluxe electric fillet knife set includes a variety of adapters. That way you can plug the power cord into the wall at home, or your car or boat lighter outlet. Unlike most electric fillet knives that have small power cords, Rapala went all out for this one. The power cord is a whopping 18 feet in length. You can walk from one side of your boat to the other with this thing in tow. Next to a cordless knife using a lithium ion battery, this is your best bet. The blade is sharp and versatile. It’s good for slicing, carving, and filleting. It can go easily from a fish to a roast and back. It’s similar to the Rapala Heavy Duty electric knife, but more versatile.


Replacement blade included

Travel case

Easy to plug in just about anywhere


Be careful not to trip on that long cord

May overheat

Mister Twister Electric Fisherman Knife

Featuring a 120v motor, the Mister Twister electric knife is big power on a small budget. The green and yellow color ensures you won’t lose it too easily either. The body is lightweight construction to ensure little strain while you’re using it.

Blades are easy release and feature a safety lock as well. At 7.5 in long, they are good for cutting through most fish. They are also straight and not curved, a better fit to some anglers. They’re solid enough to ensure straight, clean cuts. For the price, this is one of the best electric fillet knives you’ll find.


Powerful motor

Straight blades

Safety switch


Blades can’t be sharpened

May dull sooner than some other knives

Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife

When you’re out on the water you don’t have access to an electrical outlet. The Rapala lithium-ion cordless electric fillet knife is a standout for that reason. You don’t need to be tethered to a wall or the outlet in your boat for this one to work. You can use this electric fillet knife riverside next to a fire if you want. It comes with two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. They are able to hold a charge for 80 minutes of continuous use. That should be more than enough to fillet any fish, any place.

The knife blade is sharp and reliable. It has a good amount of torque for deep cuts. You can make fillets, slice your fish, even slice through a ham or some cheese if you have some handy.

It takes under 2 hours to get a full charge. With two batteries and some proper planning, you should never be left in a lurch. As well, the stainless steel blades are easy to replace.


Spare battery extends life
Ergonomic handle


Awkward safety switch
Not the best weight

Berkley Electric Fillet Knife

The Berkeley Electric fillet knife has a versatile design. With a powerful 110 volt motor, if this isn’t the best electric fillet knife out there, it’s close. The serrated end of the blade makes short work of skinning fish as well. Plus, a non-slip ergonomic handle ensures a good grip even when things get messy. The design was made with ease-of-use in mind. It’s fast, smooth, and safe.

In terms of safety, the Berkeley Electric fillet knife is a solid knife. There’s a trigger lock on the handle with a side release mechanism. There’s a storage bag and the handle is non-slip. The power cord is a reasonable length and the heavy duty motor makes it a pro at filleting fish.


Easy to use
Sharp 8-inch knife blade
Heavy duty motor


Blades are known to stick sometimes

Mister Twister Piranha Knife

The Mister Twister heavy duty Piranha knife is designed specifically for saltwater fish. Saltwater fish are often tougher to get through then freshwater. With extra speed and torque, Mister Twister makes short work of them. It features a 9 inch stainless steel blade to get through tough flesh and bone. It also boasts 15% faster speed than regular electric knives. It also claims to have 25% more torque. If you need a powerful knife to get the job done, this may be the best electric fillet knife for you.


Saltwater specific


Construction doesn’t feel strong
No carrying case

Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

Compared to other electric fillet knives, the Rapala electric fillet knife stands out. It boasts twice the speed and three times the power of your average fillet knife. That’s thanks to the heavy duty yet quiet 110 volt motor. The airflow design allows for motor cooling as well as a low vibration design. Rapala heavy duty truly lives up to its name.

In terms of use, the handle features an ergonomic design. The grip is comfortable in your hand even after extensive use. The powerful motor means that you can fillet multiple fish with no fear of overheating. It also features a safety button to help limit accidents. The Rapala heavy duty electric fillet knife should easily meet all your needs.


High power, heavy duty motor
Comfortable in your hands


Thick blades may waste some fish
Some owners have had problems with overheating

Oster Electric Knife

What good is a knife without a fork? The Oster electric fillet knife is a solid, all-around tool. It also features a fork for quick cutting and serving. The non-slip handle is ergonomic for use in slippery situations. The on-off switch is intuitively placed but not a risk for accidental activation. The blade is exceptionally sharp. It ensures no trouble cutting through any fish you catch. It also features a hard case for storing both the knife and fork when you’re done.


Powerful motor
Convenient placing of on-off button
Quality handle


Not the longest blade
Power cord is also short

Cuisinart Electric Knife

Cuisinart’s electric fillet knife brings with it a name brand and a good price. It’s powerful, but it won’t break the bank. It’s dishwasher safe and features a remarkably sharp serrated blade. It resists slipping as well to improve safety. The cord is 5 ft long which allows you a degree of mobility many knives don’t. There’s a reason that this is’s number one bestseller for electric fillet knives.


Great price

Name you can trust

Long cord


No storage case


Things to Remember

When choosing the best electric fillet knife there are a few things to keep in mind. Pay attention to these and you’ll be able to select the best knife for you.

Extra Blades

Anytime you use a reciprocating blade you run the risk of the metal breaking. Having extra blades can offer peace of mind. Even if the blade doesn’t break, it may dull over time. It’s also good to have a variety of blades. Some knives offer both curved and straight blades. They can also come in several lengths. This increases versatility of the knife.

Blade Length

It’s best to match the size of your blade to the size of the job you’re doing. Many electric fillet knives have blades between 7 and 8 inches in length. This is good for most fish. It’s good to have access to longer blades if you need them. And sometimes even a shorter blade might work. Some electric fillet knives come with a variety of replaceable blades. The more diversity in blade length and shapes, the more use you may be able to get. And the better quality cuts.


The more powerful your electric fillet knife the easier it will be to use. A strong electric motor will ensure smoother function. Look for something at least 110 volts. There are some that offer 120 volts and more as well. When you get a more powerful motor, you’ll have less trouble cutting through bigger fish. It can make short work of bones as well.

Often knives that you plug into the wall prove to be more powerful than cordless knives. That’s not always the case, however. Some cordless knives include very powerful motors. You do need to remember to keep your batteries charged, however. And there’s always the risk of losing a battery as well. The benefits may outweigh the drawbacks. It all depends on how you intend to use your electric fillet knife.


A good electric fillet knife will have the right balance in your hand. You don’t want one that’s so heavy it’s too hard to use. Likewise, if it’s too light it can feel flimsy and unreliable. In general, lightweight is better than too heavy. But there is a limit. Whenever possible it’s good to test out the feel in your hand before you buy it. If not, check the weight listed on the website. Find something else around your house that has a similar wait and give it a feel. This way you’ll be able to get some idea about whether or not it will feel good in your hand.


A lot of electric fillet knives are designed for kitchen use. That means they have standard 12 volt adapters that plug into a wall outlet. If you are using your fillet knife out on the water, that might not do. Some electric fillet knives offer increased versatility. They include power adapters that can plug into a car cigarette lighter or a boat. This means you can use them just about anywhere. As well, you may want to look for one that includes spare blades. This just increases usefulness in case something happens. You don’t want a blade to dull or break on you with no backup.


There can be a wide range of prices for electric fillet knives. Just remember that a knife doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be effective. Choose one made by a reputable company. One that has the features you need. And check reviews if you’re not sure. The most expensive knife isn’t always the best knife.