Swimming is quite a popular recreational activity for many people. Approximately 91million adults and teenagers (over 16 years) swim in oceans or rivers every year in the United States. Regular swimming comes with major health benefits, a few of which include boosting your mood, minimizing anxiety, and reducing insomnia to help you sleep better.

Whether you visit the pool quite often or swim once in a blue moon, your swimming gear is incomplete without earplugs. These little devices prevent water (and possibly bacteria) from getting into your ear canal while you are underwater or swimming.

Not all earplugs are designed for swimming, and definitely not every swimming model is worth buying. Here are some of the very best options you can choose from, whether you are an experienced swimmer or just getting started.

SurfEars 3.0

SurfEars 3.0


Surfers and swimmers looking for the closest thing to a pair of perfect earplugs will find the SurfEars 3.0 worth buying. The earplugs are the brainchild of Christian Dittrich, a surfer who went deaf in one ear for about a week due to an unfortunate ear infection (the Surfer’s ear). Several thousand hours of research and hard work birthed SurfEars 3.0

These earplugs are renowned for letting sound in and keeping water out of the ears, but that’s not the only remarkable thing about them. The product comes with interchangeable parts, allowing you to the most comfortable bud that fits securely in your ears. Also, individual plugs are in different bright colors, so you can easily distinguish the left from the right ear.

You can secure the earplugs to your goggles using the optional adjustable leash, and for extra safety, there is also a pair of support wings to prevent the earplugs from coming off during swims or surfs. SurfEars 3.0 is a preferred choice among professional kayakers, surfers, and divers.

The only downside to this option is the price. While they are rated as one of the best earplugs for swimming, they are also one of the market’s higher-end pairs. However, they are worth every dime considering their effectiveness.

Auritech Water Sports Earplugs

Auritech Water Sports Earplugs


Auritech is not the new kid on the block when it comes to manufacturing earplugs specifically for water sports and swimming. The specialist earplug brand has been around for more than two decades, and that experience is well represented in this product.

The earplugs are constructed from silicone-free hypoallergenic thermoplastic that protects the ear from water. The product is designed with a highly effective ceramic sound filter. You won’t experience any occlusion effect or noise muffling with these plugs, making them excellent for races.

You will find the Auritech Water Sports Earplugs pretty straightforward to use, even if you are new to swimming or you’ve never used an earplug before. The manufacturer included very detailed instructions on the back of the product’s packet, so you know exactly how to correctly insert and remove the plugs.

You can attach the included metal storage tube to your key-ring, so you don’t have to search for the earplugs each time you need to use them. They are ideal for water-skiing, snorkeling, and swimming. As you may have guessed, the product is slightly more expensive than many other options on the market, but it’s a price worth paying to own one of the best earplugs for swimming.

Speedo Silicone Ear Plugs

From the world’s most famous swim brand comes the Silicone Ear Plugs designed specifically for swimming. Speedo made this model from soft silicone putty that allows you to mold them into a custom fit. The buds do a great job of completely blocking water from getting into the ear during swims. There is simply no chance of getting water into your ear, even during flip-turns.

The four-pack product offers the best experience when placed snuggly against the ear canal instead of inserting them inside the ear. You don’t want them to get stuck in your ears, especially if you have small ears. You can even warm them slightly before use for better moldability since they are basically wax material.

Generally, earplugs lose some of their elasticity with time, and this product is not an exception. However, you can maximize durability by washing them after use. Store them safely in the accompanying plastic case.

Keep in mind, though, you might not hear your buddies or coach with these earplugs unless they are yelling. But as a bonus, you can wear the globs to dull the noise when you need to catch a quick nap during the day.

VIEW 2-Way Silicone Ear Plugs

VIEW’s product comes with cords that attach to goggles, meaning it nearly impossible to lose them underwater or during any water sports activity. The earplugs are made from 100% soft silicone material, making them very comfortable to use throughout your swimming session. The manufacturer designed this model for every ear size, so you don’t have to worry about them getting stuck even if you are buying them for your teenager.

The 3-flange design ensures that your ear is complete protected from water and any background noise is blocked out, too, without affecting your balance. You will get a lot of value from this product considering its effectiveness at a significantly low price.

Ordinarily, light, blue-colored earplugs are a bit tricky to spot underwater if they come off, especially when swimming in open waters. But we do not hesitate to recommend this model because it features 2-way straps.

Nike Swim Ear Plugs

Nike Swim Wear Plugs


Nike is a household name when it comes to superior sports gear, which explains why its beautifully designed training aids earplug makes our list of the best earplugs for swimming.

But you are not merely buying a “big” brand name with this option. Nike made this product with extra soft rubber that molds to your right from the first time you plug it in. The double flange design provides complete protection against water, sealing your ears without totally blocking out sounds. You will be able to hear your coach during training and at the same time keep out distractions from background noise.

The flared end construction ensures a secure and comfortable fit, so you don’t have to worry about the earplugs coming off when you do butterfly moves or flip turns. The hyper crimson-colored plugs come with a reusable carrying case for hygienic storing.

Arena Ergo Earplug

From Arena comes the PVC-free, ultra-soft swimming earplugs. They are made from superior quality liquid silicone, with an ergonomic design that fits snuggly into the ear canal. Besides doing a great job of keeping your ear sealed and protected from water, a unique compressed hollow-stem construction allows sound to filter in and block out background noise.

The earplugs are color-coded for each ear, so there is no guesswork when it comes to wearing them, saving you time and unnecessary fumbling. These are also affordable swimming buds with great value for their price. Simply hand-wash and store them safely in the accompanying reusable plastic case when your swimming session is over.

Speedo Biofuse Aquatic Swimming Earplugs

Marketed as the earplugs designed to work in harmony with the human body, Speedo’s Aquatic Swimming Earplugs makes use of biofuse technology to give users a one-of-a-kind swimming experience. Little wonder the product is quite popular with swimmers.

The thermoplastic rubber flange is multi-layered to provide a secure fit and completely keeps water out. The design includes guards that prevent the plugs from getting inserted too far into the ear canal, so you can be sure they will fit very comfortably.

We recommend these extra-soft ear-buds for people who prefer thinner earplugs that won’t fall out during swims. They are quite affordable and come with a handy reusable storage case so you can store them properly.

The Verdict

Speedo might be the world’s most renowned swim gear manufacturer, but when it comes to the best earplugs for swimming, SurfEars easily takes the lead. The brand’s earplug does an excellent job of protecting the ears from water and infection-causing bacteria without affect hearing and balance.

Two blue earplugs on white background

Consider the water sports earplugs from Auritech if you want something more affordable but equally great. The specialist brand is particularly recommended for people who are serious about swimming.

Whichever earplugs you choose, we recommend picking one that does a good job of keeping water out but letting in a decent amount of sound. You don’t want a set of earplugs that will completely block out sound as that will affect your balance.

A one-size-fits-all or unisex model will work for most people. However, custom-molded ear-buds will also work great if you are particular about getting one that you can tailor to your ear. Also, consider extras such as straps and cases when shopping for the best earplugs for swimming. Lastly, it is usually best to buy a colorful pair as they are easy to find if they ever come off during swimming.