Best Bait for Catching Catfish

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Choosing the best catfish baits requires knowing what catfish you’re fishing for and what that species enjoys most. When you’re looking for one of the big three; blue catfish, channel catfish, or flathead catfish, you must tailor your catfish baits appropriately. For some anglers there are no wrong catfish baits. For others, something as weird as hot dogs may be the catfish bait they swear by in warm water while stink baits are best in cold water.

While it’s true that some baits are effective at catching any species of catfish you’ll find that certain species respond better than others to specific ones. If you want to find the best catfish baits you’re going to have to engage in some trial and error. The water you fish in, the time of year, the time of day, and other factors may all come into play.

Always remember that the best catfish bait for one is not always the best catfish bait for another. Just because some catfish baits have had success in the past doesn’t make them solid choices time after time.


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