The people of Australia know a little something about surviving in the wilderness. Australia offers some of the harshest wilderness in the world. There are scorching hot summers. There are endless deserts. There are raging seas, and wild animals aplenty. So when Australians make gear for surviving outdoors, you can count on it to be top quality stuff. The Australian boonie hat is just one example all of that kind of year.

From Australia it became a favorite of Americans, especially in the military. After that it became the outdoor had a choice for hikers, hunters, and fisherman. It’s a great hat to protect you from anything nature has to throw at you. It can protect you from sun like an umbrella. It can also keep you as dry as a quality beach towel. Whether it’s sun, rain, or wind, the boonie hat is the best hat to keep you protected. Let’s take a look at some of the best boonie hats on the market.

Rothco Boonie Hat

The Rothco boonie hat is lightweight but strong. It’s made of a poly cotton blend so it will protect you from Sun and heat without feeling too heavy. It also comes in a variety of patterns and colors, so you don’t have to get stuck with just one look. It’s also available in camo, if you like the military aesthetic. That makes it a great choice for any outdoor activities from hunting, to fishing, to camping.

There’s an adjustable chin strap to allow for a better fit. It also has four side vents for ventilation to keep your head cool, even on the hottest day or the longest hike.

Tekma Sport Boonie Hat

Lightweight and affordable, the Tekma Sport is one of the best boonie hats available. It comes in a variety of authentic camo patterns. The hat is incredibly light and also durable. You can fold it up and shove it in your pocket. When you’re ready to wear it again, it goes right back into shape.

The wide brim goes a long way to protecting you from the sun. The UPF rating is 50 plus. Combine that with the camo and this is an exceptional hat for hunting or fishing.

Columbia Bora Bora Boonie Hat

The Columbia Bora Bora boonie hat is great for keeping your head cool. It features sweat wicking technology called Omni Wick. It pulls moisture away from your skin and allows it to evaporate quickly from the material. There are also mesh vents to allow for airflow. Even on the hottest day you’ll stay cool and comfortable.

The hat is made from nylon poplin. It’s suitable for fishing, hiking, camping and more. There’s an adjustable draw cord and chin strap complete with a toggle. It also comes in a number of colors to meet your needs.

Tough Headwear Fishing and Hiking Boonie Hat

Tough Headwear’s boonie hat is made from sweat-wicking nylon. That makes it lighter weights and cooler than similar cotton hats. Adjustable sizes strap insurance that it won’t blow away in a stiff breeze. It is good for sun protection and it offers a UPF rating of 50 plus. If you prefer hats with a floppier brim, then this is a good choice for you. It’s ideal for any hot weather or high sun activities as the sweat will pull away quickly and evaporate.

Gloryfire Boonie Hat

The Gloryfire boonie hat is made from 65% cotton and 35% polyester. The oversized brim will keep you protected from wind, sun, and rain. The mix of materials combined with side vents will do a good job of keeping you cool you can on the most intense hike.

You can wash the Gloryfire boonie hat in your washing machine if it gets dirty. It also has a classic military look to it if that’s the style you’re going for. It features a drawstring chin strap and is one-size-fits-all. There’s even some wedding around the crown that you can use to boost the camouflage. Just add some foliage and you’re perfect for hiding in your hide. That also features a full warranty in case something goes wrong.

Tru-Spec Boonie Hat

The Tru Spec boonie hat is one of the most well-made hats on the market. The hat has been designed to meet us military specifications. It’s also made of 100% cotton which means it’s very breathable. There are brass screen vents to help air flow. There’s also a chinstrap to adjust the fit and keep it secure.

In terms of protection, the Tru Spec offers UV protection. There’s even a pocket inside for storing small items. The brim is large and offers great protection. One thing to be cautious of is the fact that it’s cotton and may shrink a little in the wash.

Lethmik Outdoor Waterproof Boonie Hat

The Lethmik waterproof boonie hat is great for keeping you dry in the rain. It’s 100% polyester. It also features a chin strap to keep it on your head, even in the most fierce storm. The brim has snaps and air vents. The inside is also breathable mesh.

If you’re looking for a versatile hat baby, this may be the best choice. Not only does it feature UV protection, it’s also very comfortable.

Dorfman Pacific Outback Hat

When you’re in the market for a classic, rugged look, the Dorfman Pacific boonie hat is the best choice. You won’t quite be Indiana Jones, but you’ll definitely look cool. The hat is made from a polyester and cotton blend. That means it’s going to be rugged and offer you some 50 UPF protection. This one isn’t meant to be machine washable, but you can hand wash it.

Featuring a broad brim that shapeable, you can style it any way you like. It also comes in black or brown to keep that cool, outdoors the aesthetic. The wide brim is lined to absorb sweat, and it features a high-quality chin strap.

Camo Coll Boonie Hat

With mesh panels for ventilation, the lightweight camo call boonie hat is a great choice. It gives you UV protection and keeps your head cool. The drawstring keeps it secure even in the roughest wind. The 100% polyester fiber is remarkably strong. No matter what you put this hat through, it’s going to come out unscathed. That also means it’s machine washable. Whether you plan on going for a hike or sitting by river fishing, this hat will be a perfect choice.

Things to Remember

Not all boonie hats are created equal. The best boonie hats are going to balance form and function. You want a boonie hat that looks good but also does the job you need it to do. But do you want one that has an adjustable chin strap, a camouflage pattern, or it’s just the most affordable hat? Whatever you’re looking for, make sure it checks all the boxes to keep your head protected.


Boonie hats typically have fairly wide brims. That means they’re likely to get caught in a stiff wind if you’re not careful. You want the boonie hat that fits your head snuggly. Too loose or too tight, and it’s obviously going to be a problem. Many hats are marketed as one-size-fits-all. If possible, get one that’s actually fitted to your head size. Also take into consideration whether you have long or short hair. And of course, if there is an adjustable chin strap that can make it fit better for you. The best boonie hats can be loose or snug as you decide.


You can typically get the boonie hats made from a variety of materials. Many of them are synthetic. You can also get them blended with cotton. A cotton hat will definitely be able to breathe better. Will feel less hot when you wear it. It will also be better able to absorb sweat. The downside is, of course, that cotton does shrink when you wash it.

Synthetic materials could make your boonie hat too hot. That can be a problem if it doesn’t have proper ventilation. Some synthetic materials don’t breathe at all. That can cause your head to sweat more than you’d like. Nylon hats, however, are good at wicking away moisture. A polyester hat may be hot, but it will hold its shape and is lightweight.

Sun Protection

The best boonie hat will offer sun protection in a variety of ways. This can be from having a wide brim to protect you from the sun’s rays. It could also include having a neck flap to protect your neck as well. This is just a long piece of cloth that hangs down the back of the hat. Besides protecting you from the sun, it can also help protect you from insects. You want a hat that can be as versatile as possible. Boonie hats should be multi-purpose whenever possible.

Good quality boonie hats will also offer a UPF rating. The stands for ultraviolet protection factor. It’s similar to the SPF you look for in sunscreen. The higher the rating, the better it is at blocking ultraviolet radiation. Usually this means a hat that is not cotton. Or at least not 100 cotton. A cotton blend may work best.


If you want the best boonie hat you are going to want to find one that has good ventilation. That means either mesh fabric or vents. If your hat can’t breathe, it will become very uncomfortable to wear. Since the plan is to use a boonie hat outdoors, you need it to keep your temperature well-regulated. Synthetic boonie hats can often have moisture wicking. They excel at sun protection as well.

How it’s Secured

You are going to want to look for a boonie hat that has a chin strap. At the very least you want some snaps to hold up the brim. Snaps can keep it secure on your head, even in the worst kind of weather. They’ll stop the wind from taking a wide brim in a sudden gust. They also let you change the way the brim folds and looks. That means you can adjust for best fit and best look.

The chin strap ensures you won’t lose the hat no matter what. You can keep it tight on your head, or let it hang loose.


There’s no point investing in a boonie hat if it’s going to fall apart on you. Unfortunately some cheap boonie hats are made from low quality materials. That doesn’t just mean the fabric of the hat itself. That also means how it’s put together. If the boonie hat pulls apart at the seams, it’s not much good. As we said earlier, a cotton blend will probably be best for maintaining a good temperature. It will also be washable and durable. Check the quality of the seams, the strap, and the snaps to make sure they can handle some wear and tear.

Full 100 cotton may be too warm. It will also shrink. The best boonie hat needs hat balance of strength and comfort.