Boat trailer lights are an integral safety feature for your boat trailer. When you’re hauling your jon boat down the road, no one can see your signal lights anymore. The trailer lights need to be bright and visible to anyone behind you. No one’s going to know if you’re stopping or turning otherwise, right? But when you’re buying new ones there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. This will help you make sure you’re picking the right lights for the job. Trailer lights may seem like an afterthought, but they are still important. Take the time to make the right choice the first time and you shouldn’t have to worry about them again. Let’s take a look at the important things to consider when choosing boat trailer lights.

CZC Submersible Light Kit

This kit from CZC features an 18 gauge pure copper wire harness. That ensures reliable power even when used in marine conditions. The lighting included offers up all seven functions you’ll need on a standard sized trailer. That means the lights work as more than just stop lights. They’re also turning lights and tail lights. In addition they serve as rear and side reflector. You’ll also get a side marker light and license plate light. Just keep in mind those aren’t all separate lights. These lights perform multiple functions. Sometimes people see the number 7 and think there are seven separate lights included. But that’s not the case.

The lights are DOT and employ sonic welds and marine grade glue on the casing. That ensures a waterproof seal so no water can leak inside. Lights can easily be mounted on the back or the side of your trailer.

CZC stands behind their products with a warranty as well. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason. There’s also a 12-month warranty for any issues related to quality.

The kit itself is really top notch. The lights and hardware are all well made. That said, the instructions are oddly vague with the kit. For that reason, we recommend looking up instructions before you begin your install. Depending on how you’re installing the lights it could become an issue. One thing we can tell you regardless of what you’re doing is to ground everything. You need to ground every light to ensure they work as intended.

Overall we think this is the best lighting kit you can find for a boat trailer. It has everything you need in one place. The installation is relatively pain free once you have the right method down. And the cost is very reasonable. Add it all up and this is a solid choice for lighting a boat trailer.

Partsam Trailer Lights

If you are looking for a quick and easy boat lighting kit at a good price, here it is. Partsam’s trailer lighting kit offers a quality product at a great price. The lights come with red or black frames to suit your style. These lights also perform the 7 functions that several other light kits offer up. That includes stop lights, tail lights and turn signals. Not to mention reflectors and side markers.

Wiring and hardware is included in the kit to make for an easy install. The case is made of acrylic and sealed against water to ensure use even when submerged. They meet IP68 waterproof standards.

Wiring these can get a little confusing depending on your set up. Partsam has included some unusual colors for their wiring and the reason isn’t really clear. Most wiring for a trailer includes a brown wire, a green wire, a yellow wire and a white wire. Partsam has grey wires and red wires. Weird, right?

In this set up, you’d connect the grey wires for the running lights to your brown wires. The red wire for brake and turn signals should be connected to the yellow on the left and the green on the right. And then the white ground wire can be connected to the mounting bolts. Why Partsam decided to use a novel color scheme is hard to guess but it will still work the same. Just make sure you have them wired correctly. If something doesn’t work, double check and switch your wires as needed. The kit actually doesn’t contain any wiring instructions at all. That makes it a little more frustrating. With the way it’s designed you would have no way of knowing where the wires go since the colors are off. But now that you do know, things should be fine.

If you can get past the strange installation issue, this is a solid lighting kit. For the price, you won’t find many that are as durable, bright and long lasting either.

Nilight Trailer Light Kit

Nilight’s submersible lighting kit has a lot to offer. These are heavy duty lights that feature a stud mounting design. That means they’re going to hold a lot more firmly than many other lights that slide into mounts. They also have a groove in the casing to allow the wires to run out. That means you can mount these flush without worrying about how the wires run. It’s a small touch but a nice one.

The lights are IP68 waterproof, which is well protected. The kit includes the 2 square trailer lights and 2 amber clearance light. There’s also 1 license plate bracket and 25ft length trailer wiring harness. Finally, the 4 reflectors and stainless steel mounting hardware. The company also backs their kit with a two year warranty. They also include reflective tape panels you can attach for added safety.

Installation follows standard instructions. The wires are color coded green, yellow, brown and white. This is how most trailer wiring is done and should be fairly simple to follow. Remember that your white wire is always for grounding. Also the brown wire is the positive wire for the running lights. The green wire is connected to the right and the yellow connects to the left. There is a simple diagram you can check on the page that sells the lights. You can also Google a trailer wiring diagram in a pinch as well.

Make sure you check the length of the wiring ahead of time. At 25 feet. This can be a tight fit for something like a 21 foot trailer. You may need to invest in some longer wires. That aside, the mounting hardware may not be the best quality ever. The screws are said to be stainless steel but they seem to be a little weak. You know how every once in a while you get a screw that seems to just get eaten by your screwdriver? It’s possible you may need to buy some quality,stainless steel backups just in case.

MaxxHaul 70205 Submersible Trailer Light Kit

MaxxHaul has put together what is hands down one of the best lighting kits on the market. A lot of kits cut corners or include the bare minimum,. MaxxHaul has pretty much everything you need here. The kit features stop lights, tail lights and turn signal lights. There are also two amber clearance lights. And it features a 23 and 4 foot 4-pole color coded wiring harness. The license plate bracket is included as well. Finally, the installation hardware has been included also. All the gear meets DOT standards. And, as with any good marine trailer lighting kit, it’s corrosion resistant.

The lights are LED and you can count on them to have an exceptional lifespan. Their brightness is also significant so no worries about them not being up to the task. And, because they’re LED, they’re less of a power draw than traditional lights.

The wiring is UV coated to extend its lifespan. That will ensure they’re more durable and longer lasting than most. One thing to keep in mind if you’re checking reviews of the MaxxHaul kit is dates. You may see people complaining online about the wiring. Those really look to be old reviews from four or five years ago. The company seems to have addressed the issue with poor wiring. They have improved upon it significantly. The wiring in newer kits seems to be much more reliable and well made.

The lights themselves are well sealed with silicone. They seem to be entirely waterproof. You shouldn’t have any issues with shorts or leakage after installation. Speaking of, installation is remarkably easy with this kit. Since all the hardware is included it shouldn’t take you very long at all to get this in place. Keep in mind, your trailer may not be exactly set up for this configuration. You may need to drill a hole or two for grounding points along the way. But if you’ve ever done wiring on a trailer before you know this isn’t unexpected. Sometimes you need to improvise.

At the end of the day this is a solid and reliable lighting kit. Once installed it should serve you well for a long time to come.

Carrep Trailer Light Kit

Carrep offers a solid trailer lighting kit with good waterproofing. It’s IP65 waterproof which should be enough for most trailer needs. They meet DOT standards and the cases have been sealed with sonic welds and marine glue. You shouldn’t have to worry about any water creeping in here.

The big selling point for this kit is the brightness. Carrep really pushed the lumens here. The rear lights off 12 rear facing large LEDs and 4 SMD LEDs on the side marker. They’re giving you 625 lumens overall, which is a great amount of brightness for a trailer light.

Unlike some kits, the instructions with Carrep are pretty clear. They have included a wire harness with 22 feet of wire to ensure you can connect the whole thing with ease. We would have liked to see a little more wire included just in case. But for the most part this should get the job done for you. Check the Amazon page where the lights are sold for a diagram that lays out the precise installation. Once you have that up and handy, installation should be a breeze.

The side lights may require you to drill some additional holes. Sometimes you need that for proper installation. Again, that’s hard to say without knowing exactly how your trailer is designed. But they are installed with smaller screws and you may need to accommodate that.

One thing to be wary of is that the company says it’s not for use in sea water. They don’t specify exactly why to not use the lights in sea water, however. If it’s a corrosion issue it seems like that should be mentioned somewhere. The lights themselves are well sealed, so it may be a concern with the wiring. We didn’t notice any particular issues ourselves. But that was what was mentioned by the manufacturer so it’s worth at least noting.

CZC Low Profile Submersible Trailer Lights

Not every boat trailer light needs to come in a kit. If you don’t need everything under the sun, there are some great options. CZC offers up this solid choice for boat trailer lighting. Here you get two lights that function together. They work as stop, running, turn signal indicator lighting and license plate lights. They are IP68 waterproof and well sealed for submersion. The lights meet DOT standards. The kit contains all the mounting hardware you’re going to need as well.

There is 18 gauge pure copper wire and stainless hardware included. That makes these lights a simple, effective choice. Like other CZC lights these are backed by the company’s standard warranty. That means you get a 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason. On top of that there’s a 12-month warranty for quality-related issues.

Installation of the lights is very simple. There are instructions included in the kit. In a pinch you can also check the Amazon page for a simple walk through as well. It shouldn’t take too much time or effort to get these installed correctly.

The CZC lights are exceptionally bright thanks to the number of diodes inside each. The right contains 18 diodes in total. The left has 22 which includes 12 front and 6 on the side. The additional on the left include four on the bottom to illuminate the license plate.

One thing to be aware of is how the lights are held in the housing. The waterproofing on the covering may not be as reliable as it should be. Give it a good inspection ahead of time to make sure it’s well sealed. If not, use some marine grade silicone to ensure everything is fully sealed. That should fix any potential issues with waterproofing. It’s not something you necessarily have to do, but it may be required if there are some gaps.

Rear Indicator Light Bar

This is another great choice for when you have a larger trailer. Remember, if your trailer is over 80 inches wide, you need additional lights. These are required by law. One of these required extra lights is the triple rear indicator light. It’s a set of three red lights located in the center of the trailer. It lets those behind you know that the trailer is wider than normal.

This three LED light bar from Online LED Store is a great option. It’s very cost effective and it works incredibly well. The lights are DOT certified so they meet all legal requirements. They’re also IP67 waterproof so you can safely submerge them in water.

Keep in mind this is only the rear indicator tail light. The other lights like your blinkers, your brake lights and so on need to be purchased separately. And you only need this light if your trailer is more than 80 inches wide. The bracket is made of black painted stainless steel. It mounts on 8.5” centers and features a good amount of wiring. Mounting hardware is included int he pack and it is also made of stainless steel.

Installation is very simple and the manual is included. Make sure you mount it correctly, however. There is a top and bottom and it’s easy to mix them up. The bottom part has a notch in it to allow water to drain out. If it’s mounted upside down, you’ll have it full of water.

Be aware of how much wiring you have. They include more than enough which can be a hassle when installing. You might have too much so you’ll need to find a way to fasten it down so it doesn’t move and slip. A bead of hot glue might work.

Wesbar Clearance and Side Marker Lights

If your boat trailer needs some side marker or clearance lights, Wesbar has your back. These are some of the best side lights you’re going to find. Plus they’re super cost effective. You can buy them in amber or red to meet your needs.

The lights feature a 15” pigtail connector. The coverings are break resistant and sonically sealed. These lights are pretty tiny at just 2-1/8″ x 1-1/8″ x 1-1/16″. But they don’t need to be any bigger than they are. They are universal fit and should work well on just about any trailer. Remember, clearance lights are necessary for trailers over 80 inches wide.

One thing you need to keep in mind about these lights is that they are not LED. Most of the lights we recommend are LED but these are not. That means their lifespan is not going to be as long as some others. But you can still expect these to last at least as long as most lights on your car or truck. If the bulb does die it can’t actually be replaced. The unit is fully sealed so you’d need to replace it. But at the cost, it’s not that awful. These are pretty cheap lights overall which is one of the reasons we’re recommending them.

Because of how well sealed they are, you won’t need to worry about these being submerged. The waterproofing is a little thicker on the back than is necessary, in fact. The result is that you need to be careful on installation with the wires. They could get crushed against the ground. But once they are installed they’re very bright and reliable. If you need a quality clearance and side marker light, these are a great choice.

Libra Boat Trailer Guide Lights

Here’s another niche light that you may need for your trailer. These ones are not needed all the time but if you do need them, these are great. These are lights for your trailer guides. Some boaters like to use guides on their trailer to help launch the boat a little more easily. Depending on the size and shape of your boat, launching can be a hassle. But if you have guides on either side it can be a lot easier.

Guide poles are just long, vertical poles on either side of the trailer. These lights can cap those poles and increase visibility when towing. They’ll do the same when launching. These definitely cost a little bit more than regular lights but they are special use as well. Most boat trailers won’t require them. If you do need them, we think these are some of the best you can find.

These can be mounted on standard 2″ PVC (2-3/8″ OD) guide-on post of a boat trailer. The wiring can be a little confusing if you’re not used to this kind of work. That’s because Libra chose to color their wires oddly. Instead of the normal brown, green and yellow it’s black, grey and red. Just make sure you follow installation instructions to get them wrong the right way.

All the mounting hardware is included in the package. Installation should be a simple and quick process once you’re ready to go.

WellMax LED Trailer Lights

Wellmax’s LED trailer lights are bright and well built. These are sealed well to ensure you won’t have any leaks. They are DOT compliant. The included mounting hardware is all stainless steel. The wires are copper as well. You can count on everything included to stand up to the elements.

Installation is easy. The wiring should match whatever you have in your trailer already. Just be cautious when mounting that you don’t over tighten too quickly. The hardware is solid but the plastic runs the risk of breaking. You’ll want to keep it steady when tightening the bolts. You may want to invest in an additional mounting plate to get these installed how you want.

The price is a little steep compared to traditional incandescent lights. But the lifespan and brightness more than make up for it.

Picking the Best LED Boat Trailer Lights

Now that you’ve seen some of the best options, there are things to consider. It’s good to understand why you need these lights and the best kind you can get. There are several things you need to consider when buying boat trailer replacement lights. Take a look at what you need to know and why to pick the best lights you can.

Type and Design

Often this aspect will be determined by the type of trailer you have. You can match the shape of your lights to the frame and how the lighting is most easily attached. But you will likely have some wiggle room. Most lights tend to be square, rectangular or round. There isn’t necessarily any hard and fast rule about that. If you like rectangular lights, go ahead and install some.

Typically lights are installed to keep a low profile. These aren’t party lights, after all. They serve a specific function and you’re not drawing attention to them. For that reason, things like rectangular lights are often a good choice. They’re small and they fit with the flow of most trailer designs. They don’t stand out because they’re not supposed to.

At the end of the day, the function of the light is just to provide light. Because of that, the shape is really cosmetic. As long as they work, the overall design doesn’t really matter.

The other thing you need to consider is which lights your trailer requires. You need lights that serve more than one function. Kits are best for including all of these lights, but this depends on the kind of trailer you have.

Any given boat trailer is going to need to have the following kinds of lights installed.

  • Brake Lights: Boat trailer brake lights are the red lights that alert other drivers that you hit the brakes. These are arguably the most important safety features on a boat trailer. It’s not legal to tow a trailer that does not have working brake lights. If you stop suddenly and your brake lights are not functioning, a driver behind you may not have time to react. That could lead to an accident and even fatalities.
  • Tail Lights: These lights illuminate when you have your headlights on. They are just indicator lights used in low light conditions. Drivers behind you will be able to see your trailer in lower light conditions. That’s why you always want these functioning the way they are supposed to.
  • Turning Signals: A signal light is almost as important as your brake lights. These are typically amber and located to the left and right sides of your trailer. They indicate when you are making a right or left turn. They’ll also flash in an emergency when you put on your blinkers.
  • Side Marker Lights: As the name indicates, these are lights on the sides of your trailer. These are usually amber as well. They help other drives see when you are approaching at an angle. If you are coming around a curve in the road, the rear lights on your trailer will not be visible. But a driver will be able to see these lights as you come around.
  • Reflectors: These are required as well and help illuminate your trailer even if the lights fail. Reflectors pick up the lights of other drivers. These are not wired, however. As such they are not truly lights.
  • Clearance Lights: So far all of the lights we have mentioned are for trailers that are less than 80 inches wide. If you have a larger trailer, you will need additional lights. These are for bigger boats like a yacht. Clearance lights need to be both forward and rear facing. Forward facing clearance lights are amber. Rear facing are red. These must be placed as far to the sides of the trailer as possible. Typically that means on the fenders behind the tires. Because your trailer is wider than normal, these alert drivers to the additional size.
  • Rear Identification Lights: This is another kind of lighting required for larger trailers. In addition to the clearance lights, a set of three rear identification lights is needed. Usually these come as a set, a single bar of three red lights. The trailer light bar can be affixed in the center of the trailer at the back. You’ll notice any large rigs on the road have these lights. They’re even on large tractor trailers and 18-wheelers. The three rear identification lights are just to alert you of an oversized vehicle.

Installation and Wiring

When it comes to installing lights on your boat trailer, you have a couple of options. There’s always taking your trailer into a shop. You can get a professional to install the lights for you. They can do the wiring and make sure it all works. But that option is going to take some money. It may also be more inconvenient since you’re working on someone else’s schedule.

The other option is what most boaters opt for. That’s handling the installation and wiring yourself. Of course this can seem intimidating if you’re new to all of this. Wiring is especially intimidating for first timers. Many people fear they won’t know how to do it the right way. There’s also a general anxiety many people feel working with any kind of electricity and wiring. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Wiring the lights on a boat trailer is actually a fairly simple wiring job. Even if you have never wired a single thing in your life.

Some wiring kits are clearly designed for experts. These ones can include very complex wiring systems. They also offer instructions that are harder to understand. Obviously this is something to avoid if you’re not comfortable with this kind of work. Instead, opt for some of these much simpler kits. The quality of the product is just as good as the more expert brands. You won’t be buying an inferior product at all. But what you will get is a simple wiring job with very clear instructions. If a kit includes all the hardware you need, the job becomes so much easier. If you need to buy additional hardware, that needs to be factored into the value. And not just in terms of dollars and cents but time. If you have to go to the hardware store to pick up something, that’s a potential waste of your time.

Remember, if you want to do this yourself but feel stuck, there are solutions. Use an online walkthrough if the instructions are too vague. Sometimes watching a video on YouTube makes everything so much easier to understand. Actually seeing how it’s done rather than reading it can be very helpful. And there are lots of videos out there. They may not have your exact trailer or lighting kit, but that may not matter. The general principles are the same.

Also, if you’re rewriting an existing trailer that had lights, you can use the same wiring. This can save a lot of time and effort.


The thing you need to remember about boat trailer lights is where and how they work. These are not your average, everyday tail lights. Most of us are not backing our trucks right into a lake or the ocean, right? But these lights on your trailer are going to be exposed frequently to such conditions. That means they need to be able to stand up to corrosion better than usual. If you boat in saltwater, this is even more of an issue.

Plastic coverings are able to withstand most environments, including water. But the wiring inside and the hardware is the issue. That’s why you need to make sure you’re buying marine grade LED lights. Look for lights that have an IP67 rating and are DOT approved. These will be the most rugged and able to withstand the elements better than others.

We’ve seen more than one boater who tried to swap a regular tail light onto a boat trailer. Maybe one broke or shorted out and that was all they had in a pinch. It might help you get from Point A to Point B but that’s it. If you plan to keep using your boat trailer as intended, you need the right lights that can handle the work.


This is a spot where you need to make sure you’re buying marine-grade materials. The plastic coverings over your lights should be able to stand up to immersion in water. If the case isn’t waterproof and your light shorts out, that’s a problem. Cheaper lights and kits are not always made for marine purposes. Don’t forget that there are dozens of kinds of trailers out there. Many of them can use lighting kits interchangeably. But most are not intended to actually go in the water. For that reason you need to make sure you’re looking at the right product before you put time and money into it.

Standard light coverings are often water resistant. They need to withstand things like rain and splashes from puddles. But as a boater you know that water resistant and waterproof are very different things. Make sure yours are water tight and designed for this specific job.


You’re going to want to go with LED lights for this job, in our opinion. Luckily, we’re at a point now where LED lights are more affordable and more efficient. LED brightness can easily rival that of traditional bulbs. And the light is directional, so the LEDs can be pointed right where you need the light to be.

Keep in mind when you do buy these lights that the range of brightness can be very high. You don’t need LED lights that rival the sun. Get the most efficient can you can that do the job you need them to do.

Are LED Trailer Lights the Only Kind?

LED lights are becoming the standard today but that hasn’t always been the case. Incandescent bulbs have long dominated the industry. That’s because they were the first bulbs ever invented. In fact, the incandescent light bulb dates back to around 1802. That’s a heck of an old bulb. And many people still use them in their homes today. You can find them in cars, trailers, houses and more all over the world.

LED bulbs are light-emitting diodes. They use energy far more efficiently than an incandescent bulb. And many people are surprised to learn they were invented in the 1960s. This is surprising give the timeline. It’s only really been in the last decade or so that LED lights have become the dominant tech for most kinds of lighting.

It wasn’t until the 1990s that LED lights really became commercially viable. That’s because there weren’t white LED lights available before that time. When they were created they were red and then blue and green followed. Eventually a range of colors were produced. But white lights didn’t exist until scientists coated blue lights in phosphors. That kicked off the LED industry for commercial and residential uses. That was when they became a viable option for things like your boat trailer.

LED lights are a far better option for lighting than incandescent bulbs. An incandescent bulb needs 60 watts to do what an LED bulb can do with 10 watts. This is due to how energy is used by each. Much of the energy in a traditional incandescent bulb is lost as heat. That’s why changing a light bulb just after it burned out could be a precarious task. If you’ve ever tried and burned your fingers on the bulb, that’s why. But LED bulbs convert very little energy to heat. Instead, they are able to focus almost all the energy they use into producing light.

Because LEDs are so energy efficient, it’s easy to see why they make good trailer lights. You need little power to get the same brightness. And the lack of heat makes them ideal for working in small spaces. You don’t need to worry about the heat affecting the plastic casing of the light. That means LED lights can be made smaller but just as powerful.

Most trailers that are older can still be easily adapted to using LED lights. You just need to swap the lights and fixtures for a new LED kit. Installation is often a simple job.

If you still wish to use incandescent bulbs, that is not a problem. You can find many sizes of incandescent bulbs on sites like Amazon or in marine stores to replace old bulbs. The big upside of incandescent bulbs is that they are incredibly cheap. A pack of several bulbs won’t set you back too much money at all.

The drawbacks to incandescent bulbs are several.

  • Lifespan. An incandescent bulb had a limited lifespan. Different sized bulbs will obviously last different amounts of time. But an average incandescent bulb lasts around 1200 hours. That sounds impressive until you learn that an LED bulb can last 10 to 100 times longer. Some of the most reliable LED lights can produce light for over 100,000 hours. This means the cost offset for buying cheaper bulbs is not actually worth it.
  • Efficiency. As we already stated, incandescent bulbs do not use energy as efficiently as LEDs. In fact, an incandescent bulb has the worst energy efficiency of any light bulb you can buy. Upwards of 90% of the power that goes into an incandescent bulb is released as heat, not light.
  • Direction. A problem few people consider with incandescents is how they project light. Incandescent bulbs are often rounded. They shed light in a full 360 degree range. But does your tail light need that? You may have noticed LED lights are flat. They project light out in one direction and cover about 180 degrees at most. There is no need for the light to go up, down and even backwards. So they are able to focus their energy in a more usable way. That also improves energy use and brightness.

LEDs are by far the superior option in most, if not all circumstances. That said, there are still some drawbacks to LEDs

  • Cost. Arguably the greatest downside to an LED light is the price. They aren’t hundreds of dollars, of course. But when you see a $3 incandescent bulb next to a $7 LED bulb, it can be tempting to save the money.
  • Heat endurance. LED lights do not work well in high heat. This shouldn’t be an issue for most trailers but it can be. If your trailer is in the sun on a very hot day, the temperature can really pick up. Likewise if you store your trailer someplace that gets very hot, be wary. This excess heat could lower their lifespan.
  • Use. One of the other major drawbacks of LEDs actually doesn’t matter in this instance. In home lighting, LEDs are often not dimmer compatible. That’s inconvenient in that instance but has no relevance to a trailer light.

We recommend going with LED lights whenever possible. The efficiency and lifespan are just so superior it’s not really a contest. Traditional incandescent bulbs really only win in terms of short term benefit. The cheapness in the moment makes them a viable option when LED is not an option. But honestly, that’s not likely to matter that much when it comes to a boat trailer. If you’re outfitting your trailer with new lights you’re investing time and money. Do it the right way and invest in LEDs. They’re a better choice in pretty much every way.


You’ll need to make sure you’re taking care of the lights on your trailer. Most of us don’t bother maintaining lights. When’s the last time you cleaned the lights on your car aside from a typical scrub down in a car wash? It rarely happens. But trailer lights may need a little extra car. If they’re going in and out of water, they can get dirtier than usual. Make sure you keep them clean before you head out on the road. It doesn’t take a lot of work to wash them off.

There are dozens of tips and tricks for cleaning off lights on the internet. Honestly, a lot of them aren’t even necessary. But if you want to deep clean them, just make sure it’s not abrasive. If you use something that scratches the plastic, it can cause the lights to appear dimmer. Usually just a simple rag and some warm, soapy water will do the trick. If they’re really muddy you may need to get into some cracks with a tool to work it out.

The Bottom Line

Properly wired and reliable boat trailer lights are important. In the grand scheme of boating this is something we rarely think about until we get a new trailer or a light burns out. But remember, these really are valuable parts of the trailer. They keep you safe, your boat safe, and other drivers safe. The different between reliably boat trailer lights and unreliable ones could be severe. We’re talking about a destroyed boat or even a deadly accident. Make sure you pick the right ones and test the wiring to ensure they work well.

As always, be safe and have fun out there.