Choosing the right beach chair involves a little homework. It depends a lot on what you like to do at the beach. If you want to stretch out and catch a nap under the sun. If you need a place to store a ton of gear, Or if you just want a place to catch a minute or rest. There are plenty of chairs that cover a great range of options and features. Let’s take a look at the best of the best beach chairs out there.

Tommy Bahama Beach Chair

Who can you trust more than Tommy Bahama when it comes to beach gear? You have a rustproof aluminum frame that is lightweight and sturdy. It’s adjustable to five positions including laying perfectly flat. It also comes with a convenient towel bar on the back. And, of course, there’s a cooler for your cold drinks.

They call this a backpack beach chair because that’s just what it is. You don’t need the hassle of carrying a chair, right? You can use the adjustable backpack straps to sling this onto your back and carry it wherever. That leaves your hands free for the rest of your gear.

Tommy Bahama made these chairs with care. The craftsmanship is higher quality than you’ll see on a lot of other beach chairs. Expect this to stand up to some serious use. Matched with the overall comfort, and this is a great beach chair. Is it the cheapest chair on the market? Not at all. But you need to pay for quality sometimes and this chair hits the mark.

Coleman Oversized Quad Chair

Need extra proof that the Coleman oversize quad chair is a winner? Click the link and take a look at it on Amazon. Over 35,000 reviews and it’s almost 5 stars across the board. Everyone loves this chair. It’s comfortable, affordable, and has great features. You’re not likely to find a better all around beach chair than this one from Coleman.

Coleman has been making outdoor gear for decades. It’s no wonder they have the chair thing mastered. The 24 inch seat is one of the largest on the market, even for so-called “big” chairs. The back is cushioned to provide extra support and comfort. The steel frame is lightweight but sturdy. Coleman’s weight capacity is an impressive 325 lbs. This is definitely a well built chair.

The chair comes with mesh cup holders and a built-in cooler. The fabric is polyester so it’s durable but comfortable. Folding them up for storage is pretty easy. The chair comes with a storage bag and carrying strap for easy transport.

Coleman put together what is essentially the perfect chair here. It fits most people and will meet most people’s needs. For the features and the price, the quality really makes this one the best of the best.

GoSports AirWedge Inflatable Beach Chair

Sometimes you just want to lay out on the beach and relax, right? But sand isn’t always the most comfortable bedding. Even with a towel or blanket, you need something. GoSports AirWedge meets that demand. It’s the perfect choice between a full lounge chair and just laying on the beach. Plus it’s incredibly affordable.

This AirWedge is an inflatable wedge-shaped pillow. It works as a headrest or back support. There is an attached plastic panel this is much like a beach towel in size and shape. This keeps you up off the sand. Your best bet is to cover it with your beach towel for some added comfort.

The pillow blows up easily, you can use an air pump or blow it up with your mouth. It’s a fast process and the result is surprisingly comfortable. Deflated it takes up very little space and weighs less than a pound. If you’re the sort of person who literally wants to lay on the beach but also wants some support, try it.

You get two of these when you buy them so it’s an even better value. There’s also a patch kit in case the pillow springs a leak. All in all, a great value.

Sport-Brella Three Position Recliner Beach Chair

If you need a premium, relaxing day at the beach, welcome to the Sport-Brella recliner chair. This thing is like a La-Z-Boy for the sand. Just take a look at some of the features. You have a shade umbrella to protect you from the sun that swivels to where you need it. It attaches with quick release clips so you can put it to the left or right. There are insulated pockets that can hold up to four drinks. The storage pocket even has a built-in bottle opener. You have three positions to recline into. There’s an adjustable and removable footrest. Don’t be surprised if you just fall asleep in this chair.

The frame is lightweight steel. It’s strong and sturdy. Anyone up to 250lbs should be comfortable here. The 3 position recliner lets you go from sitting right up to leaning back with ease. You can also go right back for a full nap if you want. If you don’t want a full beach tent or canopy, this is a great option.

For our money this really was a comfortable and luxurious chair. In fact, it probably would have ranked as our premium top pick except for some of the reviews. It does seem like a not insignificant number of customers have had issues with this chair. Apparently it can potentially wear out sooner than it should and that may be an issue. Most people have no problem, but enough people mention it that we wanted to put it out there as a word of caution.

MacSports Beach Cart + Folding Chair

When you’re planning a day at the beach, transportation is sometimes a chore. Not driving to the beach, but getting from the car onto the sand. Suppose you have a big group, how do you carry everything? You have snacks and drinks, towels and sandals, maybe some games and more. Plus your chair! It can be a hassle to plan. Which is exactly why the MacSports Beach Cart and Chair is amazing. It literally is a cart until you turn it into a chair.

You can fold this chair into a wheeled pull cart. It has a 3.9 cubic foot storage capacity to help get all your gear down by the water. You can cram up to 100lbs of gear in it with ease. The wheels are wide and can make short work of sand, no problem.

As a chair, it handles up to 225lbs. It features a built-in pillow and a four position recliner. When you’re done with it as a chair or a cart it folds totally flat. It’s heavier than some chairs at 20.9 lbs but the point is you’ll be pulling it as a beach wagon not carrying it, so it all works out.

When it comes to versatile and ingenious chair designs, MacSports really hit the ball out of the park.

Quik Shade Max Beach Chair

The beach is often a strange struggle between wanting sun and avoiding sun. It’s nice to have the option to escape but the beach is not known for shade. Luckily the Quik Shade Max chair fixes that problem for you.

The adjustable canopy is simple to raise and lower. That makes altering the amount of shade you get pretty easy. It can also tilt as needed, and is water and stain resistant.

The seat is wide and can handle up to 225lbs. It’s comfortable and lightweight, even with the added shade. The frame is made of steel for durability. Added features include a higher back than you’ll find on many chairs. There are also two cupholders and a mesh side pouch for storage.

With the canopy up the chair reaches about 3’6” off the ground. From arm to arm it’s three feet across as well. You’re getting a good deal of room here, so don’t worry about feeling enclosed. The chair has carrying straps. It also folds up into a canvas carrying bag for longer distances and storage.

For the price, these are remarkably sturdy. The shade is very thorough as well, so you shouldn’t be disappointed. Keep an eye out if it gets windy, however. Your canopy may get pulled about in harsh winds.

KingCamp Low Sling Beach Chair

Do You like that feeling of laying on the beach but you don’t actually want to “lay” on the beach? Whether because of sand, germs, or anything else? The KingCamp Low Sling beach chair is a great choice. This one stays down low while still offering support and comfort. It can handle up to 300lbs and folds up into a very small package for carrying and storage.

The frame is made of steel. The 600D Oxford fabric is comfortable and strong. The seating area is over 23 inches wide, much bigger than many others. The mesh back is breathable and the armrests are padded for comfort. The feet are anti-ski and there’s an easy to access cup holder. The low to the ground design means you can just rest your feet right in the sand like you’re in a recliner.

Compared to the traditional, boxy fold up chairs, these are much more comfortable. They take up little room when travelling as well. Once in the carrying bag, you can easily sling it over your shoulder.

The big downside to this chair is that the back is not adjustable. That shouldn’t matter too much because it’s built in a comfortable position. But if you like having that control, it may not be a great fit for you. However, if you want a really comfortable and leisurely trip to the beach, give the KingCamp a try.

Rio Beach Extended Height Beach Chair

One thing that many people find offputting about beach chairs is the height. More specifically, the lack of height. Some of these things are basically like sitting on the ground. For many people, that can be uncomfortable. If your knees are bad, getting up and down like that is not easy. The best beach chair for you may be this Rio Beach model. The extended seat height takes you 17 inches off the ground. Consider that many beach chairs will take you down to under 6 inches from the ground. This is a big difference.

We can confirm that if you do have bad knees, it’s a real relief using this chair. Compared to most others, you’ll be feeling a lot better here. But aside from the height, there’s plenty more to enjoy. There are extra wide, molded armrests. They feature cup holders and even a bottle opener. The insulated storage pouch is great for small items you need to safely store.

The adjustable straps for carrying are padded as well, to ensure comfort even on the go. The fabric is supportive and feels good when you have a seat. The aluminum frame is lightweight at just 8 lbs. It’s sturdy, though, and weatherproof.

This Rio beach chair is meant to handle up to 250lbs. That makes it ideal for nearly all beach goers. If you hate chairs that make you sit down low in the sand, try this model out.

Oniva Portable Folding Sports Chair

Do you like bringing a lot of gear to the beach? Then this folding chair from Oniva may be the best beach chair for you. Oniva has made sure you have all the storage you’ll ever need right at hand. Just take a look at the pockets on top of pockets here. There are insulated drink pockets, storage areas, and even a table. You can have a full living room set up right on the beach.

We think this chair is great for families. If you’re heading to the beach with kids, they always ask you to hold something. Now you can keep everything organized and in place. Plus you have room for random snacks, a cell phone, sunscreen, and more.

The chair itself features padded polyester for comfort. It’s also an extra wide seat so you don’t feel squished. It has adjustable straps for carrying. There are also webbed carrying handles, if you’re just walking a short distance. It features a sturdy aluminum frame that is lightweight and rust resistant.

One of the best things you’ll find with Oniva is their customer service. The company is very responsive and willing to help with concerns. For instance, if the fabric ripped somehow, send them a pic and tell them what happened. They have a built to last lifetime guarantee. If your chair failed, they’ll replace it for you. That’s a pretty solid guarantee.

Trademark Innovations Loveseat Double Beach Chair

If you’re going to the beach you’re probably not going alone. Whether it’s fun with friends and family, or something romantic with your partner, why not get closer? This Trademark Innovations is the best beach chair you’ll find for two. It’s like a loveseat in the sand, and that’s pretty cool.

The chair can handle up to 440 lbs so no worries about sturdiness. The frame is made of steel and the fabric is polyester. Each arm has a cup holder as well just to keep things convenient. It folds up easily and comes with a bag for carrying. You can easily carry it around like a backpack chair. It only weighs about 9 lbs.

The dimensions are worth checking out before buying. Two full sized adults can definitely fit in here but it’s meant to be a tight squeeze. If you’re looking for space, then two separate chairs is a much better option. But if you really want to snuggle up, maybe at a bonfire, this is great. Also, if you’re a dog person this is a great option for you and the dog on the beach, too. Plenty of room for a pet without being crowded like a normal chair.

Moon Lence Ultralight Beach Chair

Beach chairs aren’t typically very heavy. However, some can weigh between 10lbs and 15lbs. When you’re also slogging around a beach cooler and beach gear, they can get cumbersome. The Moon Lence Ultralight is the best beach chair for those who don’t want the extra weight. This slim little chair only weighs two pounds. If you’re worried about how it stands up, don’t be. Even at that small size it can handle up to 240lbs of weight.

The beach chair features an ergonomic design and polyester mesh backrest that allows it to breathe. Folded up, this backpack style chair can slip into just about anything. It’s only 14 inches long and just under 5 inches wide.

The rust proof aluminum frame is lightweight but sturdy. The joints are strong and the feet are anti-skip. It’s also waterproof and able to handle the weather well.

You might expect with the design being so small and compact that comfort is lost. That’s just not the case. This little chair can stand up to many bigger and more expensive models. You do need to fully assemble the chair to use it, given the compact size. However, it really just takes a minute of time and is easy to do.

Caravan Sports Zero Gravity Infinity Chair

With a coated steel frame and a bungee support system, this gravity chair is must have beach gear. Caravan Sports has made a supremely comfortable recliner chair. An adjustable headrest and lumbar support balance out the comfort. You can even remove the adjustable pillow if you want.

The chair locks into any position. It can hold up to 300lbs as well. Best of all, that zero gravity design is so comfortable. You really do feel like you’re floating. The fabric is something called textaline. It’s designed to handle long term outdoor use.

Locking the chair into position is simple. The touch of a finger can adjust how the support is positioned. It’s a simple mechanism with a loop you can pull out to adjust. Find what’s comfortable and set it. It takes seconds. If you feel like sitting up, the adjustable pillow can slide down as lumbar support.

One thing to be aware of is the size here. If you’re over six feet tall, you are not going to fit fully on the chair. Your legs will hang off the end and that may ruin the overall “zero gravity” feeling for you.

Kijaro Dual Lock Chair

One of the worst things anyone can endure with a beach chair is a total collapse. You try to stand up or sit down in a breeze and it folds up shop on your. That leaves you flopped in the sand, maybe bruised and injured from parts of the chair. It’s annoying and uncomfortable. Well, Kijaro had your back.

This dual lock chair is as sturdy as sturdy gets. You won’t have this thing fold up until you want it to. The frame and the seat itself are rock solid but still comfortable.

If seats that have too much sag are a problem, this is the best folding beach chair for you.. Sometimes the fabric in the center of a beach chair can feel like a hammock you sink right into. If you want firm but comfortable support, this chair hits the mark.

As you’d expect, this chair also has the needed amenities. You have two cup holders and a mesh storage pouch. There’s also a carrying bag for when you’re coming and going. This includes carrying straps.

Alpha Camp Oversized Chair

Let’s face it, not everyone is the same size. And not every chair is made to the same quality. Most beach chairs can feel very rickety. If you’re a larger person you may not feel comfortable in a standard beach chair. And the embarrassment if you’ve ever broken one is something you probably want to avoid again. Many beach chairs claim to be oversized or XL. We haven’t found a better one than the Alpha Camp Oversized Chair. This one is comfortable and stylish. Best of all it can handle up to 450 lbs.

Alpha Camp’s oversized chair comes with a lot of extras. The chair features padded arms and seat cover. It also features lumbar support. There are cup holders included for your beverage as well. The side cooler bag has plenty of room for storing small items.

The frame is supported with extra steel. It’s just shy of 40 inches wide and high, as well. The length is just over 25 inches. It’s corrosion resistant so it can handle some weather. Just make sure you keep it dry when you store it.

Folded up it’s only 9 inches wide and weighs just over 13lbs. You should be able to easily store this in the garage or a closet in the off season. Folding and unfolding is a breeze.

Hands down, the best feature of the Alpha Camp chair is that it feels comfortable. Too many chairs with extra support are stiff. Sometimes the support bars even poke you through the padding. That’s not the case here. If you are in the market for a quality, oversize chair, Alpha Camp has you covered.

Picking the Best Beach Chair

There’s never going to be one single best beach chair on the market. It all depends on what you like in a chair. There are a few things worth considering though.


Gone are the days when you had to settle for standard sizes. You can get extra wide and extra tall chairs. If you’re a bigger person, you deserve a chair that makes you comfortable too. Check for those details like seat width and weight capacity. Many chairs are 23 inches or 24 inches wide. You may be able to find even larger seats as well.


You have two kinds of chairs out there. Those that sit in one position and those that are adjustable. If you want an adjustable chair, make sure it locks in place securely. Also check out it adjusts. Some kind adjust to literally any position. Others may only have three adjustable positions or a four position recline.

Old style chairs were a real hassle to adjust. You’d lean back and they’d fly right back because they didn’t lock right. Many modern chairs have simple, one touch adjustments so shop accordingly.

Weather Resistant

A beach chair needs to handle the elements. This can get wet from rain, from the surf, even the sand. You want a chair meant to combat rust. Not every chair offers this. Likewise, the fabric will be exposed to a lot of sun. A cheaper chair may fade after a season in the bright sun.


Not every chair offers padding. Do you want molded armrests or foam padded ones? What about the seat? Or maybe even an adjustable pillow or adjustable headrest? Check to see if a padded chair still breathes. You don’t want that added padding if the trade off is you end up sweating. The material and how it is padded is just as important when checking out the details. Padding should be fairly lightweight and not affect how easy it is to fold up and carry.


How you set up and put away a chair is important. Many chairs can fold up simply for travel and storage Some come with a storage bag for easy transport. But others require a bit more finesse. It all depends on how much work you want to put into setting up your day at the beach. A chair with a canopy will definitely take more time than one without. An inflatable chair also requires a time investment.


Back in the day a beach chair was a metal frame with canvas and that was it. Now you can get storage pockets and coolers. One or two drink holders, maybe even insulated ones. You can get an adjustable pillow and padded headrest. You can get side tables and canopies for shades. Maybe you want a backpack chair or something similar. Shop around to see what fits your needs.

Things You Don’t Need in Beach Chairs

There may not be a single best beach chair but there are some things you want to avoid.

Cheap Construction

Avoid anything made with plastic in the frame. You want sturdy aluminum and steel. It’s the only way to ensure it will be able to support a person’s weight. Too many chairs that are cheaply made will snap and send you flying. Not a good feeling.


Even a big chair can be easy to transport if made right. A backpack beach chair is a great choice, for instance. Some adjustable backpack straps can make even a heavy chair a breeze to carry. But if the chair has no carrying bag or straps, it can be hard to maneuver. Remember, you probably have a lot of extra beach gear to carry, too.

Scant Details

Always read the details. If a chair doesn’t tell you the weight capacity or what it’s made from, move on. You need to know if a chair can handle 200lbs or 400lbs. You need to know if it’s polyester or mesh or canvas. All of these affect quality, comfort, and usability. There is so much competition for beach chairs there is no reason for a description to be vague.

The Bottom Line

Built in coolers, a beverage holder and easy transportation are all great features. What makes a great chair will always change based on your tastes. If you wish a chair had a certain thing like a canopy or a pillow, look around. The best chair for you is out there and you’ll find it if you look. Don’t settle for cheap or uncomfortable if you don’t have to.