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Cobra MR HH600 DSC Floating VHF Marine Radio Review

The Cobra Marine DSC Floating VHF Radio (MR HH600) is a very intriguing piece of outdoor equipment. It’s packed full of useful features, and even sports a GPS. That I paid $450 for a Garmin InReach Explorer+ when I could’ve had something like this makes my previous purchase a bit shortsighted. But that works out…

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Cobra JumPack XL H2O Jump Starter Review

A portable jump starter pack isn’t something you think about needing – until you need it. I was in a situation like that not too long ago while fishing a remote stretch of river. My buddy’s truck wouldn’t start, and we would’ve been waiting for someone to come around with jumper cables for days. Luckily,…

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Cobra MR HH450 Floating All-Terrain Radio Review

The Cobra Floating All Terrain Radio (MRHH450) is one of the most thoughtfully-designed pieces of outdoor gear I’ve used in years. Built with serious attention to detail and packed with valuable features, this radio is a must-have item for anyone spending serious time in the backcountry or far away from shore. I mention being away…

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