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Best Houseboats – Top 10 Options for Every Budget

Approximately 71 percent of the Earth is covered by water. So, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with the idea of building a houseboat. At this point, you might be wondering what the difference between that and a liveaboard boat is. A liveaboard boat is essentially any kind of watercraft…

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Reviewing the Best Skiffs of 2020

“Skiff” is a broad term used to define small boats that typically have a curved or pointed bow and a flat stern. They can be flat-bottomed and are generally used for traversing extremely shallow waters. Now, if you’ve been following our boating series so far, that definition might sound a bit familiar, and are likely…

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Black Waterproof Scuba Dive Watch

Reviewing The Best Dive Watches of 2020

You don’t have to be a diver to need a dive watch. Dive watches are fully functional both in and out of the water, whether you are a recreational diver or deep diving professionally. Dive watches are stylish, durable, and versatile, and should be added to any watch collection. Dive watches don’t have to break…

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Fishing Rig

Reviewing The Best Fishing Rigs of 2020

The best fishing rig is not one individual rig, but instead, it is the best fishing rig for the type of fishing you are trying to do. What may work as a great bass rig may not be good for a crappie rig, and vice versa. To know what fishing rig to use, you will…

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Fishing at Sunset

The 6 Best Crankbait Reels for the Money

There is no, or very little, question about it: if you want to catch more bass, use crankbait lures. The pros know this, the moderately experienced know it, and almost every newbie is told the same thing. That is just one half of the equation. The rest of it has to do with choosing the…

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Sougayilang Fishing Lures Large Hard Bait

Top 5 Best Lipless Crankbait: A Buyer’s Guide

The simple truth of the matter is this: buying yourself the best lipless crankbait will elevate your bass angling game. This type of bait has been tried and tested to the limit, and most avid anglers fishing for bass agree that using lipless crankbait is almost guaranteed to give you better results. This is mainly…

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Child fishing off dock

Ranking the Best Fishing Apps of 2020

With today’s technology, there is an app for everything, so why should fishing be excluded from this list? You may wonder why you would need a fishing app, so we’re here to answer that for you, along with many other questions you may have, including, “What is the best fishing app?” We have compiled a…

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Nitro Z19 Sport Boat

Reviewing the Best Fishing Boats of 2020

If you are going to spend any time on the water, you need a good fishing boat. A fishing boat will get you to deep water and coves that you would be unable to access any other way, and some of these spots can produce the best fishing results. Buying a fishing boat for the…

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Night Vision Binoculars

Ultimate Guide to the Best Night Vision Binoculars for the Money

It’s no secret that human beings are inherently diurnal creatures, which means we’re active during the day. Vision is our main source of processing information, and it’s adversely compromised when nighttime rolls around. But, like everything else in life, behind every problem lies a viable solution. So, the advent of technology has ushered in night…

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Tangled Fishing Net

Best Fishing Knots That You Survive Live Without

If you’ve ever tied a hook onto your fishing line and noticed that it came undone quickly or broke easily, you’re not alone. Tying a fishing line is a little more intricate than just tying a knot on a string. Because fishing line is made of nylon, it doesn’t tie the way normal cloth thread…

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Man Float Tube Water

Best Fishing Float Tube

There’s a good chance you’re here because you’re looking for a way to fish from a boat without fishing from a boat. Boats can be an expensive, complex solution to a relatively simple problem of gaining access to coves or waterways that are otherwise accessible. For this reason, you can avoid purchasing a full-size boat…

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Fishing Rod Sunset

Best Fishing Times and Days

Have you ever been watching the local news and noticed the weatherman discussing the best fishing time for today’s weather forecast? Well, he’s not just making it up. There is an entire process that goes into understanding and forecasting the best fishing times and the best fishing days. The weather, moon, and time of year…

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People in Wakeboard Boat on Water

10 Best Boats Under $50,000

If you’re new to the world of boating, one of the toughest decisions you’ll have to make from the get-go is – which boat to get. Granted, you want one that’s adorned with all the bells and whistles that add to its appeal. But the one limiting factor you’ll have to contend with is the…

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Sailboat Open Water

Reviewing the Best Sailboats for 2020

For some, there are fewer things in the world that trump the sheer joy you get from enjoying some water sports . There’s something so surreal about floating in the middle of the sea, surrounded by water on all sides stretching out to infinity. It’s truly a sight to behold. Now, if you thought the…

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Ocean Diver Snorkeling Mask

How to Attach a Snorkel to a Mask

A snorkel mask will have an attachment that will ensure the snorkel stays connected to the mask when you take the snorkel out of your mouth or if it accidentally falls out. While this will guarantee that your snorkel doesn’t fall to the bottom of the sea as you snorkel, attaching a snorkel to a…

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Peterson 44

Best Center Cockpit Sailboats

Spaciousness and privacy below the deck are among the things that draw many boaters to center cockpit sailboats. With some of the models having roomy owner cabins and elaborate ergonomics, these boats continue to attract an enthusiastic following, especially by those who seek after sailing vessels for overnight cruising and day sailing. Owning these sailboats…

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Night Vision Google View

Why Is Night Vision Green?

From almost every military movie you have watched to “Call of Duty” missions and even creepy stalker films, night vision goggles have almost become a mainstay in all darkness oriented adventures. Apart from the fact that night vision goggles seem to bring light to darkness and help members of SEAL Team 6 see quite well…

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Remote Control Boat

Rating the Best Remote Control Boats of 2020

Remote control boats have gained popularity in recent years, and it is no surprise. The technology and design that goes into making remote control boats have drastically improved, piquing the interest of many RC enthusiasts. Many remote control boats claim to be the best, but how do you know if that’s true? Well, that’s why…

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Ski Boat

Reviewing the Best Ski Boats of 2020

Water skiing is one of the most exhilarating outdoor sports there is. There’s something so surreal about being surrounded by cool blue waters, feeling the wind in your hair, and water splashing across your face. There’s truly nothing like it. Whether you do it in the ocean, lake, or reservoir, there’s no better way to…

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The Best Catamaran – 5 Awesome Cruising Cats (Plus Pro Tips and Buying Guide)

Monohulls are good, but they can’t beat the comfort, speed, and performance of multihulls. So, if you are looking to make the switch from a small boat to a catamaran, you’ve come to the right place. Many sailors find the construction and design of these vessels very appealing, and that has led to the building…

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GPS Map Location Pin

A Guide to the Best GPS App Every Boater Should Have

Getting lost during your boating escapades is one of the most gut-wrenching ordeals for any water enthusiast. And, with the absence of a reliable navigation system, this scary thought can quickly become a grim reality. But it’s a double-edged sword because these navigation systems come at a steep price. Fortunately, with the advent of technology…

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Scout 231 XS

Ranking the Best Bay Boats of 2020

Bay boats and flat-bottomed boats all have the same mission – to take you to hard-to-reach fishing areas that have shallow waters. But, unlike flatboats, bays can’t be propelled by oars or poles if you want a super-stealthy approach. Plus, they’re usually much larger and have a deeper V in their hulls, which allows them…

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Ocean Diver Snorkeling Mask

How to Clean a Snorkel Mask

Cleaning any snorkel equipment is important. It will extend the lifespan of the equipment, preventing you from purchasing unnecessary replacements because of negligence. A snorkel mask is one of the most important pieces of snorkel equipment because it is the only means you will have to be able to see the underwater world below. Without…

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Jet Ski

Best Jet Ski

You have made it to the jet ski corner of the internet, and we are so glad you’re here! We understand how overwhelming it can be to purchase the best jet ski, so we are here to help. There are different sizes, different prices, and different features that each jet ski comes in, so it…

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340 CC boat from EdgeWater

9 Best Center Console Boats For 2020

When shopping for a shiny new boat, the one thing you’ll have to come to terms with early on in the process is – Compromise. There’s no such thing as perfection when it comes to boats. Luxury boats come at the expense of utility. Utility boats sacrifice comfort and, to a large extent, performance. It’s…

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Fishing Lures

Reviewing the Best Fishing Lures of 2020

We all have that one type of lure that is our go-to when the fish are biting. Yet sometimes the weather and water conditions aren’t favorable for our favorite type of lure, causing us to change what we’re comfortable with. Fishing lures can be categorized into six different classes: crankbaits, jigs, soft plastic/rubber lures, spinners,…

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Dive Knife

Reviewing the Best Dive Knife of 2020

A diver will always need to carry a dive knife when diving. A dive knife will help you or a marine animal get out of an emergency situation. Dive knives can quickly go from a handy tool to a lifesaving tool in just a matter of seconds, which is why you should always carry a…

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Pedal Boat

Best Paddle Boat – 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

Imagine for a minute that you could have fun with family and friends on the water while getting quality exercise at the same time. That’ll be killing two birds with one stone, right? That’s precisely what you get when you cruise a paddle boat along lakes, ponds, and rivers as you pilot the boat just…

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Seattle Sports Scupper Swift Kayak Cart

Rating the Best Kayak Carts of 2020

It’s no secret that kayaking is an exhilarating outdoor activity that ushers in profound positivity of exercise, fun, and adventure rolled into one. However, the main setback with kayaks lies in their transportation. Moving a boat to and from the water shore feels like hours of gym activity. Fortunately, here’s where the best kayak cart…

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Fishing Gloves for Anglers

8 Best Fishing Gloves for Smart Anglers

When was the last time you got a fishing hook caught in your fingers? If you are lucky, the answer would be never. However, if you are like the majority of anglers out there, it will be “just about on every trip.” Buying a pair of the best fishing gloves can help prevent that from…

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