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Early days of fishing and wakeboarding boats. These days a little more relaxing and sailing time, mostly on catamarans. Still too poor be a yacht man.

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Boating Basics Glossary of Terms

Boating Basics Glossary of Terms A  ABAFT – Toward the rear (stern) of the boat. Behind. ABEAM – At right angles to the keel of the boat, but not on the boat. ABOARD – On or within the boat. ABOVE DECK – On the deck (not over it – see ALOFT) ABREAST – Side by…

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Hull ID Numbers

Hull ID Numbers Play the Numbers Game (What’s a HIN?) Did you ever wonder what that strange series of letters and numbers on the transom of your boat are. Well, if you have taken the Nautical Know How course you know they are Hull Identification Numbers (HIN) and that they are required. But, what do they mean?…

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Ceremony for Renaming Your Boat

Ceremony for Renaming Your Boat Everyone knows that renaming your boat will bring nothing but bad luck and make your boating experience something that you will want to forget. But what happens when, after months of searching, you find your dreamboat with a name that you just cannot live with. For example, my first love…

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