Boating and drinking or partying go together like peanut butter and jelly. The leisure atmosphere of boating life lends itself to that and, as such, a lot of boaters like a pun name that relates to drinking and partying. That means these work great for a pontoon boat, a fishing boat,  or even some sail boats. There are plenty of funny boat names out there if that’s your thing, but if you want a specific party atmosphere you need to nail it down. With that in mind, let’s go over some of the best alcohol-related boat names that we’ve seen, and a few you’ve probably never come across before.


Beer Boat Names

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to take a few beers out and go fishing, maybe one of these beer-themed names will hit the mark for you. Most rely on puns or wordplay to get a joke across, and they tend to all keep it pretty light and breezy.


  1. Beer Run
  2. The Corona
  3. Bud’s Wiser
  4. Boatweiser
  5. Beer Money
  6. Blood, Sweat and Beers
  7. Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow
  8. Beer’s to the Night
  9. Beers for Fears
  10. Beer in Headlights
  11. Beerly Departed
  12. Beerly Legal
  13. Beerly There
  14. Beer Belly
  15. Beer the Reaper
  16. Shifting Beers
  17. Here to Beer
  18. Beer Goggles
  19. Face Your Beers
  20. Beer and Present Danger
  21. Beer and Far
  22. Beerpressure
  23. The Beer Admiral
  24. Near and Beer
  25. Long Walk Off a Short Beer
  26. Hold my Beer
  27. Beeracuda
  28. Beer in Mind
  29. Beer O’Clock
  30. Spare a Beer
  31. Wish You Were Beer
  32. Don’t Worry Be Hoppy
  33. Malt and Pepper
  34. Malt in the Blood
  35. Stout and About
  36. Lager Heads
  37. Lager Than Life
  38. Pitcher Perfect
  39. #Beerstagram
  40. Marbock N’ Roll
  41. Dr. Bocktopus
  42. Ale’s Well That Ends Well
  43. Pale Sail
  44. Ale Boat
  45. Ale The 7 Seas
  46. Sets Ale
  47. Porter to Port
  48. Porter Patrol
  49. Porter in Gear
  50. Porter Out to Sea
  51. Coors to Shores
  52. Off Coors
  53. Blown Off Coors
  54. Collision Coors
  55. Crash Coors
  56. Stay the Coors
  57. On Coors to Paradise
  58. Good for What Ales Ya
  59. Ale Be There
  60. Ale Be Waiting
  61. Ale Be Right Back
  62. Ale Be Fishin’
  63. Going Ale Out
  64. Ale in a Day’s Work
  65. It’s Ale Good
  66. Ale Downhill From Here
  67. It’s Ale Me, Me, Me!
  68. Ale’s Well That Ends Well
  69. Pursuit of Hoppiness
  70. Hops n’ Hooks
  71. Hoppy To Be Here
  72. See What Hoppins
  73. Hopped Up
  74. Brewski Boat
  75. Golden Hopportunity
  76. Hop of the World
  77. Smooth Hoperator
  78. This is How We Brew It
  79. You Brew You
  80. Brewing It Right
  81. Brew the Right Thing
  82. Brew or Brew Not
  83. Deja Brew
  84. That Thing Your Brew
  85. Those Who Can Brew
  86. Life is Brewtiful
  87. Pay Your Brews
  88. Irish I Had a Beer
  89. Up Schlitz Creek
  90. Schlitz and Giggles
  91. On Tap
  92. I’d Tap That
  93. Stout Fellow
  94. Trouble Brewing
  95. In Beer We trust
  96. Need a Cold One
  97. Ales and Sails
  98. Miller Tiller
  99. It’s Miller Time
  100. Beerzerker


Spirits Boat Names

If beer isn’t your drink of choice but you have a soft spot for a particular brand of alcohol or a certain cocktail, these names may work well for you. Some have multiple meanings and no one even needs to know it’s related to alcohol, some have a certain dignity and class to them, and others are funny or based on puns.


  1. Kahlua King
  2. Kahlua Kween
  3. Crown Royal
  4. Fin and Tonic
  5. Sloe Gin Finzz
  6. Vana Tallinn
  7. Absolut Best
  8. Moonshine
  9. Merlot
  10. Champagne Wishes
  11. Rum Runner
  12. Margaritaville
  13. The Vieux Carré
  14. Daiquiri
  15. Southern Comfort
  16. Fireball
  17. Mimosa
  18. Old Fashioned
  19. Hot Toddy
  20. The Mojito
  21. Cosmo
  22. Bloody Mary
  23. Saint Sangria
  24. Pisco Puncher
  25. Blood and Sand
  26. The Last Word
  27. Dark n’ Stormy
  28. Boulevardier
  29. The Painkiller
  30. Hanky Panky
  31. Waker’s Mark
  32. Bellini
  33. The Clover Club
  34. Vesper
  35. The Sazerac
  36. Paloma
  37. Whiskey Sour
  38. Whiskey Sweet
  39. The Amaretto
  40. Caipirinha
  41. My Tai
  42. The Gimlet
  43. Angostura
  44. Gimlets and Gibbets
  45. Tequila Sunrise
  46. Curaçao
  47. Ta Keel Ya
  48. Rumchata
  49. Strega
  50. Fin and Juice
  51. Amarula
  52. Sambuca
  53. The Jager Bomb
  54. The Alabama Slamma
  55. The Afterburner
  56. B-52
  57. Attitude Adjustment
  58. Peppermint Patty
  59. Red Royal
  60. Red Baron
  61. Southern Blues
  62. Snakebite
  63. Lemon Drop
  64. Kamikaze
  65. Rum and Get It
  66. Rum Sail Away
  67. Rum and Go
  68. Rum and Rummer
  69. Born To Rum
  70. Limited Vodkabulary
  71. Phantom of the Vodka
  72. Livin’ La Vida Vodka
  73. Whiskey Business
  74. Absolut Win
  75. Absolut Loss


Wine-Themed Boat Names

If wine is your drink of choice then maybe some of these themed names can hit the mark for your new boat. These can either be classy or funny depending on the direction you want to go.


  1. Winoverboard
  2. Wine Knot
  3. Wine Down
  4. The Spit Bucket
  5. Wine and Dine
  6. Amy’s Wine House
  7. Shirazamatazz
  8. Sauvignon the Clock
  9. The Right Riesling
  10. On Cloud Wine
  11. Hakuna Moscato
  12. You Had Me at Merlot
  13. Partners in Wine
  14. Sweet Child O’ Wine
  15. Read Between the Wines
  16. Full Bodied
  17. Que Syrah
  18. Wine in a Million
  19. Yes way Rosé
  20. Vino Vidi Vici
  21. Merlot and Behold
  22. Merlot Rider
  23. Swing Merlot
  24. Locked and Merloted
  25. Merlot’d Bearing
  26. Merlot Profile
  27. High and Merlot
  28. Merlot Winds and High Seas
  29. Merlot Class
  30. Shiraz You Wish
  31. Shiraz You Like It
  32. Shake That Shiraz
  33. Cabernet B C
  34. Chardon-Hey!
  35. Sauvignon Top of the World
  36. Vine and Dandy
  37. Wine, Don’t Cry
  38. Wine Some, Lose Some
  39. In Vino Veritas
  40. Wine and Punishment
  41. Room and Bordeaux
  42. Bordeaux at Sea
  43. Yay or Cabernet
  44. Chateau of a Doubt
  45. Champagne and Suffering
  46. Ship of Champagnions
  47. Wino? Wine Yes
  48. Wine on Earth
  49. Vin and Gone
  50. Cardinal Vin


General Drinking Boat Names

If you don’t want to commit to a specific kind of drink like a cocktail or a brand and are just looking for the atmosphere, these names will do best. These kinds of general drinking and alcohol names often rely on puns and are usually some of the more funny alcohol themed names you’re apt to see. 


  1. Snifter to Port
  2. On the Rocks
  3. Worth a Shot
  4. Take Your Shot
  5. Shot in the Dark
  6. Sheet Faced
  7. Anita Cocktail
  8. Sip Sip Hooray
  9. Shot and Chaser
  10. Three Sheets Into It
  11. Half Pint
  12. Bottom’s Up
  13. Relief Pitcher
  14. The Shot Glass
  15. Hi Ball
  16. Aquaholic
  17. Sip Happens
  18. Sip Disturber
  19. Sip Back and Relax
  20. Cirrhosis of the River
  21. Sir Ossis of the River
  22. Sea-Rossis
  23. In the Drink
  24. Liquid Courage
  25. Sotally Tober
  26. Elegantly Wasted
  27. Shaken Not Stirred
  28. Ship Faced
  29. Tip Sea
  30. Feeling Tip Sea
  31. Hooked on Tonics
  32. Happy Ours
  33. Farfrompuken
  34. Liquid Diet
  35. Great Minds Drink Alike
  36. Pour Decisions
  37. Raising the Bar
  38. Bar None
  39. Three Cheers
  40. Cheers to the Night
  41. Cheers for Fears
  42. Cheers Looking at You
  43. Cheers of War
  44. Liquor Laughter
  45. Booze Cruiser
  46. Cruisin’ for a Boozin’
  47. Drunk Tank
  48. Drunken Treasure
  49. Drink or Swim
  50. Knock One Back
  51. Drowning My Sorrows
  52. Clouded Judgment
  53. Over a Barrel
  54. Drunk as a Skunk
  55. On a Bender
  56. Hair of the Dog
  57. Down the Hatch
  58. Make It a Double
  59. Happy Hour
  60. 5 O’Clock Somewhere
  61. Ladies Night
  62. The Pub Trawler
  63. Like a Fish
  64. This Round’s On Me
  65. Have Another Round
  66. Tipsy McStagger
  67. Under the Influence
  68. Taking the Edge Off
  69. BYOB
  70. The Six Pack
  71. Kiss My Glass
  72. Sails and Cocktails
  73. Drinking Like a Stone
  74. Smirnoff to the Races
  75. Up to the Cask


The Bottom Line


There are plenty of alcoholic boat names to choose from whether you want something that’s just generally related to drinking or more specifically related to certain drinks, cocktails, wine and beer. One thing I have to remind you of, however, is to always boat and drink responsibly. Fun, pun names are great but make sure that if people are drinking on board it’s done responsibly, no one under the influence is operating the boat, and everyone on board has a life jacket. As always, stay safe and have fun.