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Running Lights

If you’ve been on the water at night, you already know how different things look. Test your recognition of running lights at night with this simulation.

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You’re operating at night when you see a white light flashing this pattern: a short flash and brief dark interval, then a longer flash and a longer interval of darkness, repeated every 8 seconds. What is it? The answer is: the white light is sending the morse code equivalent of the letter “A” which in […]

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You may need to reload the page to see new messages. [ Post Message ] I passed the first exam!!!!!!!! – Russell 18:40:13 3/20/2004 ( 0) new student – Russell 14:47:10 3/12/2004 ( 0) Your scholarships is here!! – Mike 09:59:50 1/28/2004 ( 0) – Cialis Online 19:00:31 1/15/2004 ( 0) Mini Chart #4 Lesson […]


OPERATING LAWS AND REGULATIONS DOCUMENTS Who Must Register? Any boat owner who operates a boat with a motor attached on the waters of this state. Registered owners may be any age. Who must Obtain a Validation Sticker? Any non-Vermont registered vessel owner who uses their vessel in Vermont waters for 30 days or more. Where […]

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Coastal Navigation Course Download the answers in PDF format Right click on this link to save the PDF file to your hard drive. Please note that the completed charts don’t translate very well. If you have trouble reading them in PDF format, please check them out online.