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Tortola Torture

After serving as mate on a Moorings 352 from South Carolina to Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands, I was eager for more. Generally, this had been a very pleasant experience and left me with an appetite for blue-water deliveries. I spent some time consulting as a technical writer, doing short deliveries in California and […]

1997 U.S. Boating Accident Figures Highest Ever

Jan. 11, 1999, WASHINGTON —The recently released U.S. Coast Guard Recreational Boating Accident Report Database (BARD) shows 8,044 accidents occurred in 1997, the most ever reported by the United States, five U.S. territories and the District of Columbia. According to the database, the casualty data for 1997 show 819 fatalities, nearly $29 million in property […]

When Are You Required to File a BOATING ACCIDENT REPORT?

You’ve just enjoyed a beautiful day of boating and are now enroute to the boat ramp. As you approach the ramp your throttle gets stuck in forward causing you to collide with the dock. Your boat receives $2050.00 worth of fiberglass hull damage but, thankfully, no one was injured. Are you required to submit an […]

Don’t Get Hooked!

“Hey! Fishing Season Is Just Around The Corner” Hi boaters! It’s time to start cleaning your lures and sharpening those hooks. This year might prove to be a great one. There’s a lot of fish out there just waiting to be snagged and sometimes, fingers, hands, arms, legs thighs, knees and an occasional rear end. […]

Vicki and Ray’s First Bareboating Adventure

11/27 Thanksgiving Day We start our journey to the beautiful British Virgin Islands at the Austin, Robert Mueller Airport at 8:52 a.m. The anticipation of taking out a sailboat on the open ocean the next day built throughout the day. Although we change planes twice, it’s an uneventful trip and we arrive in Tortola at […]

Marine Battery Saver

This is an empirical article based on 10 years of cruising experience, with no technical verification. WARNING: if you are not competent in 12 volt marine wiring practices you should have a professional installer perform this installation. The deep cycle batteries or battery banks usually found in cruising boats were designed for deep cycling. This […]

Weather 101 – What Clouds Tell Recreational Boaters

You wouldn’t leave the dock without first checking the local weather forecast. You can get weather information from TV, radio, your VHF radio and on the Internet (see Safety Links above). While on the water, your VHF radio is the best source for weather warnings. Even so, at certain times of the year weather can […]

Dockside Do’s and Don’ts

Many times we simply get complacent at dockside and don’t use our common sense. Following are a few tips that you should adhere to to make dockside boating safer and more pleasant for you and your dockside neighbors. ALWAYS neatly coil or flemish excess line both on the dock and onboard. This not only looks […]

Fueling Safety

Never Take Anything for Granted Boating safety is nothing you can ever take for granted, which I dramatically learned on a recent outing aboard my Carver 534 Express Cruiser. My college roommate had flown in from the East Coast to visit for a few days, so we thought it would be great to grab some […]